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Face gets reallly red (and stings) when I sweat, plz help!

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I use retin-a at night and benzamycin during the day (it contains 5% benzoyly peroxide plus eurothmycin [or something similar]). I was using dermalogica anti-bac cleanser and oil control lotion, both of which have salicylic acid.

I read here and elsewhere that salicylic acid may cause undue irritation w/ benzoly peroxide so I recently switched to one of the soaps this site recommends and stopped using the oil control lotion.

However, it still happens (maybe a tiny bit less, but not much less). :) When I sweat rather heavily on my face, then my face stings and gets really red and inflammed, especially my forehead (actually mainly my forehead and side of the face from eyes on up). It goes away once my face cools down. But damn is it annoying. It's happened for a couple of years or more.

I am determined to figure out the cause. I think I am going to switch to the neutrogena 2.5 benzoly peroxide and see if that makes any difference.

I tired on numerous occasions to search the net for clues, but couldn't find squat. Maybe I'm the only one. :D

Anyone else experience this when they sweat? Anyone have any ideas at what's causing it? It sucks cuz it makes my face look horrible (way worse than it is) when I sweat. Very red and irritated.

Much appreciated!

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yea, my face stings a lot of my forehead wehn i sweat. my dad doesnt know that i buy the products for myself and he thinks im a loser b/c i dont have a tan and i no longer help cut wood at 12 noon :)

he is being a real acehole about it but i dont wanna tell him why b/c its more embarassing to tell him that than it is to be an inside freak. if i sweat or get oily i go to the bathroom and wet some toilet paper and kinda damp/rub my face downward on time per cheek and once on the forehead and chin. feels really good and takes the oily look RIGHT away. giving me nice looking skin.

i also was told by my derm to buy witchhazel and put it in a cup with 2/3 water. 1/3 equalling the witchhazel, it helps repair cuts and keeps skin from being so oily with the tad of alchohol it has. its not too much alchohol to dry you out though. try that

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Hey Chris thx for the info.

I think I tried a toner w/ witchhazel in the past and it seemed to make my face really red and irritated. Although, I don't know if it was due to that or something else (hard to isolate cause and effect). Hmm... might have to reconsider...

Anyway, does your forehead get really red after you sweat, or just sting? For me it's like 80% of the pores just turn really red and and get sensitive. When I feel it tingling and stinging, then I know the redness is coming. It really seems like whatever is in my sweat doesn't like the crap I put on my face, almost like an allergic reaction.

And I think it really only happens at the first hard sweat of the day. After I sweat once, it seems to flush it out so that if I sweat many hours later is doesn't happen. (Although I am not totally sure about that).

I am trying to see if it's related to the benzoly perxoide, the retin-A, salicylic acide or something else, or a combo of everything.

What products are you using when you experience the sweating? (That might give me some clues as to the possible culprit).

P.S. That's kinda funny about your dad. My Dad also used to give me shit for worrying about my face all the time. He thinks if I just left it alone, just wash it in the shower once (or twice a day) like most other people, it would clear up. The problem is, like Dan, the host of this site, every once in a while I do try stopping all treatments, etc. and then in a couple of weeks my face turns to shit. :)

I am convinced its genetic. I have insanely oily skin (very large [clogged] pores, etc.). And until that stops, I think my pores will always tend to get clog and have zits. My skin routine listed above, however, definitely helps keep it under control. If I could figure out the redness/stinging thingamajig when I sweat, then I would be that much closer to normality.

Thx again for you help and suggestions.

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Yeah thats weird.. the same thing happens to me. My face turns red like a tomato when I start sweating and if it does sting (not hurt.. but I feel it).

I use 2.5% bp at night..

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my forehead just stings

in the mornings after i get outta the shower i apply a "bioclear mask" and at night i wash my face under the faucet and then apply some "oily skin glycolic wash" and rub it in, then let dry and wash off. then i shave and pat my skin dry and apply the "bioclear" once again before bed.

speaking of which, i am out of bioclear at this moment and the derm was closed today, if the derm closed i dont know WHERE to get this stuff, i would certainly breakout horribly if i cant get any within a few days lol

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You should get rid of the salcylic acid wash thats probably what is making your face so irritated. Try finding a really sensitive face wash such as neutrogena extra sensitive face wash. Remember your face wash isnt there to fix your acne its just supposed to prepare your skin for the acne medication. remember to be as nice to your skin as possible

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