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Diane-35/Dianette Log

Sorry for the terribly unimaginative title smile.gif

I've just been prescribed Diane-35, a birth control pill, to help my acne. I've had mild-moderate (moderate as of late) acne for the past three years. I've tried prescription antibiotic topicals, a ton of over-the-counter products, and a nice variety of food products and household agents with limited success.

I have no idea if my acne is actually hormonally based, but Diane seems pretty promising since it's both an anti-androgen AND reduces sebum production.

In any case, I made this log to keep track of progress. I also want to make some healthy lifestyle changes. I'm trying to better my diet and exercise habits, since I've always just relied on my good metabolism. But I think a less junkfilled diet and some exercise would do my skin good, as well as prevent weight gain, blood clots, and whatever else this pill might do.

I'm on day 4

- No changes to skin

- Currently 112 lbs

- Ran 2.3 miles on the treadmill

- Ate badly redface.gif

- Mood is pretty good

I'll try to update this on a weekly basis. I expect it'll be a while before I see any changes.


Just realized I forgot to post my regimen! eusa_doh.gif


- L'Oreal Pure Zone foaming cleanser

- Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera

- Oil of Olay Complete (SPF 15)

- Foundation/powder if I'm going out


- L'Oreal Pure Zone foaming cleanser

- Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera

- Vinegar toner and aspirin mask every other day

I'm thinking of switching it up though. Just waiting to finish the L'Oreal cleanser (does nothing for me) and I don't like the Oil of Olay lotion.

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Anyway, an update.

I stopped taking Diane 35 a couple days ago because of the side effects I was experiencing. It made me nauseous and made working in a stinky microbiology lab unbearable. More worrying was that I was getting a lot of tingling and painful pangs in my legs. It's getting a lot better now that I've stopped taking them.

Strangely, my skin has cleared up a lot this past week. It's back to it's "normal" state (which by no means is perfect). I think the sudden acneplosion was due to a lot of school/life related stress over the past few months, and now I'm finally fairly stress-free. smile.gif I'm just going to keep up with my old routine.

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