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most everynight i have dreams about girls rejecting me in some form or another and embarassing me for my acne. im afraid to see girls i used to know and date and what have it... i wish it would just go away

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well its disturbing 4 him isnt it! Just try and relax yourself before goin to sleep- read a good book or take bath etc. Acnes a nightmare i no but it can be so much easier if u only try to distract yourself by doin other things. Dont let acne control you and take over your whole life right. Yeah do the regimen and everything but know that thats the most that you can do. Acne isnt ur fault so dont beat urself up bout it the whole time. Ultimatly u will grow out of it even if NO treatment works 4v u-just hang on in ther until the day of clearness comes.

Enjoy ya life-acne wont hold u back unlwess u give in to it. Its OK to feel upset by it but hey everyone has problems dont they.

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all your anxieties and depressive thoughts throughout the day seep into your dreams.

During the day try to do more htings you enjoy etc, don't hold in all those worries because they don't go away, they build up inside you.

I understand because i get the exact same dreams.


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