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Stretched skin test

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I discovered that by stretching my skin some of my scars totally vanish, others you can still see, but go totally flat and a few hardly change at all.

Does anyone know why this is? Is it an indication of depth or whether the skin is fibrous?

My skin is so bizarre! :?

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Mine is the same way, I'm not fat but have some chubby cheeks and maybe more skin on the face causes this. Perhaps we should spend our money on a face lift :-k

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its whats bound and not bound scars

wheny ou stretch your skin and they disappear your scars arent bound


which could so not be true

when u stretch the scars and their gone

its a good candidate for non ablative lasers.

this has been mentioned several times before.

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Ive heard about bound down scars, but what does this mean? Is the top layer of skin (epidermis) stuck to the fat (subcutaneous) layer?

I figure that subcision cuts the scars away from the fat layer in the hope that collagen will fill in the gap which kind of makes sense. With an ablative or non-ablative laser its just the epidermis and top of the dermis that is effected so bound down scars won't improve much.

Having laser treatment on the scars that don't flatten or vanish when stretched must be like flogging a dead horse. Maybe it is wiser for me to wait for Dr Chu and have subcision with Isolagen then...hm


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Antz, you are right about the bound down scars. If they don't flatten slightly when you stretch them, then they are bound down and you need subcision to release them. I have had non-ablative and ablative (CO2) without subcising all the appropriate scars and the laser treatments did nothing to elevate those scars - they were just a waste of money I really believe in subcision for bound down scars and it has definitely helped for me.

I also researched if a face lift would help stretch the scars. I think it is a short term fix because after a year or two, as you age, your collagen deteriorates and the skin becomes slack again and the scars return.

If you have bound down scars, Dr Chu would be an ideal person for the subcision. He is a dermatologist specialising in acne scars and could be one of the most experienced in subcision in the UK.

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