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I am 24 now, I have had mild-moderate acne for the past 8 or 10 years. Recently I found something that worked for me and I'm 95% clear. I get a pimple every now and then, but that's about it.

I have a bump on my chin that is unlike anything I've ever had before and I want to describe it and see if anybody has had anything like this. Symptoms:

- It's about the size of a pencil eraser, and it is not particularly red

- It appeared from nowhere about a week ago and since then has not gotten any better

- I have used a variety of medications on it to no avail

- My derm diagnosed it as a "skin infection" and he prescribed me pHisoHex (a

detergent cleanser,) diclaxicillin (an oral antibiotic), and water/white vinegar

compresses three or four times a day. I have done all of these for three days

and seen no result what so ever.

- I got a little curious last night and stuck a needle in it and gently squeezed. Some of

the same material that comes out when you pop a white head came out, along

with some blood, but not much. However, the bump did not get significantly

smaller. It feels like what came out was on the surface layer of the skin, while

what is causing the bump is underneath that layer.

- It is semi-painful to press on, and in general it causes me some pain. The pain,

however, is more characterized by burning than the typical soreness of a


- Through using BP, some layers have dried out and come off, but the bump remains

because it seems to be underneath the skin.

Does this sound familiar to anybody? I don't know what to do. I've been taking the antibiotics 4x daily and I feel like I should be seeing some results by now because half the bottle is gone. Anyway, please let me know, I'm very curious!

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Yeah I have the same thing on my chin right now. Kinda red, no signs of the white stuff coming to the surface. In my experience, it'll eventually do so, either that or it'll just go away without needing to be popped. It's weird, I know, but the good thing is it's not that noticable when it's on your chin. Just leave it be and you'll be surprised - it'll go away.

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Closest thing I have had to that is those under the skin pimples but I think they come to the surface or disappear in like a week at the most in my experience. Maybe give it another week and if it doesn;t go away go back to the doc. They might have to sugically drain it or something, which might be better than stabbing it with a needle at home.

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