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Why don't people add an oral antibiotic?

Wouldn't adding an oral antibiotic for about 6 months in addition to the regimen improve the results alot quicker and lead to faster clearing?

I'm on Lymecycline at the moment and will start the regimen proper when I get Dans BP gel. Antibiotics stop about 75% of the acne in my opinion and all I need is the regimen to zap the remaining 25% and for maintenance after I finish oral antibiotics.

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I think that oral antibiotics are going through a bad phase right now where alot of information is coming out about bad long term side effects. Oral antibiotics were the only thing that would keep my face completely clear and allowed me to use whatever facial products I chose (cleanser/moisturizer/fun girly treats). They are also super easy-pop a pill and it does the work for you.

I was on accutane at about 13 (but this was about 10 years ago, I don't believe they would put anyone that young on it now, and because my acne was not as severe as I thought it was then), and after that I was on ampicillin to stay clear. Ampicillin was my favorite acne medication....we loved each other. However, my dermatologist retired on me and I have yet to find another derm who will put me on oral antibiotics.

I know that people have all sorts of articles they can share with you about the side effects and i've pretty much just given up on finding a derm who will put me back on the ampicillin. And maybe that is for the best. I probably don't even need an antibiotic anymore-it's just the easy way out for me and my mild acne. Right now i'm doing Dans regimen (strictly) and so far, so good.

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I think a few reasons why people don't add in an oral antibiotic, is that most people who come here are looking for an over-the-counter treatment. And also, they are not seeing a dermatologist at this point in time. You gotta have a prescription for an antibiotic, which I know you already know. And alot of people who come here are looking for a treatment that is readily available.

Besides all that, an oral antibiotic is simply not needed with the Regimen. I've been on antibiotics on and off my whole life, and the Regimen has worked just as effectively and timely as any oral antibiotic that I have taken in the past. In fact, I read a study recently, and I wish I had it here to post for you, but it was a study that said that topical benzoyl peroxide is just as effective as oral antibiotics and tends to work faster.

So, basically, if you use the Regimen precisely, and have a bit of patience, it will work out without having to buy other products, meds, etc.

Of course, for more severe cases an antibiotic might be needed, but for those with mild/mod acne, the Regimen is really very effective.

Also, bacteria are becoming more resisitant to antibiotics, and that includes acne bacteria as well, so using something like bp that bacteria cannot become resistant to, is a more appealing choice for alot of people who are concerned about antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotics can and do have their rightful place in the arsenal of acne products, but I think for reasons I posted here, most people do not use them, and do fine without them.


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I've done anti-biotics before. It's a PILL. You get sick of it after a while. But you're quite right, the proper way to do it is start with the pill for a couple months and then maintain. My derm did that for me when I first went to see her. I went back for my two month visit raving about how effective it was, she was like, okay, let's try something else now.

But I wouldn't just go on an anti-biotic for mild or moderate acne. You just don't want your body to get used to stuff like that. You know, we all know the stories about how your bacteria get resistant, and then a tooth infection kills you.... eusa_think.gif

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