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Back on the regime..the right way this time..

Well..Ive actually tried the regime prob. about 2 years ago..All the wrong way. This was b4 dans gel was out. I was using Neutrogena OTS twice daily..But the wrong amount..and the wrong amount of eucerin..what i would do would clear up..then stop it..then break out..then try zinc or vitamins..then that didnt work..then use ots again..get the point...for past 2 years..

well, im 32yrs old..with mild acne..only been to derm about three times in my life..he would gimme some topical--would work kinda..last time i was at the derm for acne was prob 6 years ago.. anyways..

since summer started..breaking out seems like every monday..then i would clear up by friday..then monday comes and break out again..all weekdays im getting better only to get bad on monday again..weird..maybe its the rum i drink only on weekends? maybe cuze my diet (more fast food) on weekends? i dunno. im really good on what i eat..no snacks..no smoking..no cakes..no sugars..none of that crap.. so i had enough..

ive broken out really bad on monday..i was so pissed. i actually watched the videos..whipped out my old dans gel that i ordered like last year..put the right amount on this time +eucerin..well wouldnt u know..its only wens night..and most of it is gone..i do have a slight red and stingy effect.. i started out with almost the full amount (not quite)..cuze ive been using this stuff for past 2 years--on and off-so my face should kinda be used to it already..

well,..im sticking to to..i think i stopped last time cuze the damn neutogena was turning white on me during the summer-and that was nasty..so the gel should prevent that..

thanks dan for some hope...

*oh yeah-- i went to my regular doctor last week for 3 seperate problems. one of em was my acne..i said i want accutane..he said ok, wrote me a prescription--but said make sure u follow up with your derm for blood work..i was like wow! that was ez..im not quite sure he knew how strong it was. needless to say, i went to drop prescription off- and cvs and pathmark refused it..they said it needed a "special" stamp on the back of it..i went back to my doc-he never heard of it..well he made some calls and said--haha-i dont have a stamp like that--now u gotta see the derm for this..i was like-omg! i tried..

im sure im nowhere near the need for tane..but who knows..if i got it i might of tried it..but my g/f said no--not to take it at all. i promised her not..(even though i couldnt get it anyway)...

just a short story i wanted to share..hehe

your videos dan are great! thanks..

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Try not to jump into tane real fast... sometimes less strong antibiotics (or even vitamins and supplements) can do the job without messing the rest of your body up like accutane can.

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yeah..well..i definately am not a candidate..i only have mild acne..but enough to bother me every single day of my life! my attitude changes dramaticaly when im clear..that that lasts like 2 days out of the week..then a breakout or breakouts..so i had enough and figured i should just try the strongest..but guess it worked out well (so far)..being my primary doc didnt have authorization to prescribe it without me seeing a derm first..

the regime on day 3 seems to be working fine..but way too early..i hate taking any pills, and meds..so this is just fine..

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Yeah I know exactly what you mean. When my skin was clear I was confident and outgoing and the true me came out. But when my skin wasn't as clear, I tried to keep a low profile. Fair weather attitude.

Stick to the regimen, it got me off antibiotics permanantly because BP gel actually works, which is good for my skin, body, and mind.

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