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Hello, Im new here so if this is in the wrong spot, my fault...

Anyway, I need some suggestions on my forehead acne...

My face, overall, isnt TOO bad...I have whiteheads around my mouth and on my face, but I try my best to keep those away...Buy my forehead is terrible

I have sort of (but not real) oily skin, but more so on my forehead than other places. My hair is long, (kind of oily too) and is almost always touching/matted to my forehead, and I know this cannot be good. However, even when I try to keep it off my forehead the acne doesnt seem to leave.

Now I am active, sports, work and whatnot, so I do sweat alot...Does this affect it? I try drinking a lot of water, and I tried baking soda, but those dont seem to work...

The worst spots are in my eyebrows and in my t-zone, but my forehead overall is bad...

Im male, but my skin is pretty sensative, and I dont go to a dermatologist, but ANY suggestions/remedies would be greatly appreciated. THANKS

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Oily hair on forehead = oil on skin = acne.

I noticed that when I wore my hair gelled up for a few weeks straight my forehead never broke out once, but when it was down for a few weeks straight it did.

Do what you can to stop your hair from touching your skin, and see if that works.

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I agree you have to keep the oil and sweat off. Especially if you do a lot of sports. After you sweat, wash. Even if it's just with water. Another possibility is keeping those pre-moistened wipes handy. There are many kinds like Neutregena and Oil of Olay.

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