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FINALLY! i've found a regimen that works!

i'm so excited! i've found a regimen that works..for me and it might work for somebody else. i have combination skin that is sensitive that is prone to acne. my t-zone can become dry, but after an hour or 2 it gets oily. i used have at least 6 whiteheads or ne other kind of acne on my face at one time. well, i used to use neutrogena products (deep clean cream cleanser..which dried out my skin. i also used oil-free acne wash...which dried out my skin SO BAD). They also just made me break out. after a while, i decided to try something completely new..so this is what i do now..and it works

BAR: Olay fragrance free..to wash off any makeup and before i use the cleanser

CLEANSER: Clearasil daily face wash for sensitive skin... 2 times a day

Before i use it, i put a warm washcloth over my face for a while to open pores.

This is a really good product. it doesn't have fragrance which can irritate, and it does fight bacteria and doesn't over dry.

EXFOLIATE: a washcloth! it doesn't have anything that will have any negative side effects on my skin. i just slightly scrub w/ it. i only exfoliate with it once in a while

MASK: Queen Helen mint mask... 1 time a day or sometimes every other day

before i mask, put a warm washcloth over my face, pat dry, and quickly put on the mask

LOTION-most moisturizers make me break out, but i got a perscription a few days

ago which is controling acne..and now i don't have any :)what i have is

Clindamycin Phosphate(1%) lotion

Biore Nose Strips ... 1 time a week

Aloe Vera- i used to use this to make any red marks fade and it worked well, but

now my perscription makes the red marks go away!

2 times a week- i boil water, and let it cool off for about 5 mins. then i drape a towl over my head and put my face about a foot from the water or far enough away so its not too hot. i do this for about 10 mins. this opens and clears out pores. then i pat dry and put on a mask. when i do this it seems to work well to clear out pores.

well, i just wanted to share this with you. i hope that this regimen can help somebody else out there. just remember, don't use harsh products because they can make your skin worse. you might want to try to almost baby your skin for a while to see if it works

Good luck. i hope this helps

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Welcome to the Acne.org message boards iluv2dance. Your input is much appreciated. smile.gif I too use the Clearasil Daily Face Wash (sensitive) and consider it one of the best mild cleansers out there.

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I just got rid of my acne and I am so excited I have to tell everybody! I have been struggling with my combination skin for the last 15 years. I am 30 and have tried everything from over-the-counter stuff to ProActive to Minocycline and nothing has worked for me until now. I did find that the prescription Differen cream is great at fading away marks and scars from old acne, although it doesn't really seem to prevent new pimples from forming. When I saw that new Clearasil Ultra commercial I blew it off at first but something told me to just give it a try, what could it hurt? I am so glad I did! My face is totally clear for the first time in 15 years. I never thought I could leave the house with no makeup at all and now I finally can! The Clearasil Ultra face wash is so creamy it doesn't dry out your skin, and the Clearasil Ultra vanishing cream is great for drying out any new pimples overnight for spot treatment. I am still using the Differen cream too, and Clean & Clear oil-free Morning Glow moisturizer which is very gentle and as the name suggests, gives your skin a nice healthy glow.

I just wanted to let people know. I know that some people respond better to different products than others, but hopefully this can make someone as happy as it made me.

The Clearasil Ultra commercial guarantees that your face will clear up in just 3 days. I did see improvements in the first 3 days, but it took about 5 or 6 days before it was totally clear for me. That is still amazing, considering prescriptions can take weeks to show any improvement at all (and they never really worked for me).

I think the reason my regimen is working so well is because the products I am using don't dry out my face. A lot of people don't realize that drying out your skin too much causes your skin to produce more oil, causing new pimples to pop up, and also aggrivates the pimples you already have (plus makes you look all flaky).

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