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This won't help you

I've decided to have a log because otherwise I

a) forget what I'm doing and stop and get worse

b) don't note the daily improvement and go "wow, I look great today" and only notice when my face gets worse

So don't bother reading. It's just for me to keep going. Like a diary.

Right I've been on dianette 6 months 50% improvement.

I know the other big factors are sleep, exercise, diet and amount of water and they are all free so I figure may as well do this.

So tomorrow I will start

1. 3l of water per day

2. don't overeat

3. eat alright (not healthy but at a standard thats gd for me)

4. exercise 1 hour a day

sleep 9 til 6 per day (Never in my life have i done anything past 9pm)

I'm gonna give this 2 months. From there I will know how much of an effect it had and add benzoyl peroxide back into my cleansing regime. At the mo it's cleansing/exfoliating but my face doesnt need moisturiser so I'm cool.

I shall give my self a 5 out of 10 because I know it could be much worse.


Acne: 5 out of 10

Biggest problems: 1cm wide spots

Weight: 126lbs

Height: 5 ft 7

Exercise level: V V V low

Overall wellbeing: Low

Length of hair: Brushes my shoulders

Aim for next few months...

Acne: 0.01 out of 10

Biggest problems: Redness and scars (and the odd spot here and there)

Weight: 120lbs

Height: 5 ft 9 (I can dream...) but I'm happy right now

Exercise level: Moderate to quite high

Overall wellbeing: Moderate with some high days (Low days extremely infrequent and only when major problems arise)

Length of hair: Middle of back.

Aim high shoot low...half these won't happen but I can hope.

Tomorrow will be day 1. Let's hope for the best.

Peace and Love all round

Chicken Mongrel

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Thanks searchingforthesolution! I need all the luck I can get and more is always welcome! biggrin.gif

Well onwards and upwards

Day 1

I drank 3l of water

I ate moderately and reasonably well

I walked 4 miles and did 20 minutes jogging on the spot.

Tonight will be my first "early night".

As a day it was quite good. Me and my friend walked into town listening to Queen and hits from the sixties. It's been a good day.

My quote for the day: "Time may be the greatest healer but it ain't no beautician!"

Song of the day: Wednesday 13 - I walked with a zombie

And I leave you with...

eusa_whistle.gif ...Gonna have myself a real good time... eusa_whistle.gif

cool.gif Chicken Mongrel cool.gif

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(In a big brother voice)

Day 2

7.06 pm

Chicken Mongrel is trying to clear her acne but is failing spectacularily

*Cut to me*

3l was easy

ate loads today and lots of bad stuff too

But it was my sis' bday so I don't care.

No exercise today eusa_wall.gif

I'll try again tomorrow

Sleep last = terrible


I know when my body is upset - I get ulcers

After all the food today one popped up.

Can't do an early night because BB is addictive and have to stay up for extended show at 10 eusa_wall.gif

An alright day, nothing to shout about.

Songs of the day: Madness - House of fun

The Cure - Love Cats (Brill song)

Au revoir

Chicken Mongrel

*Big Brother end of show music*

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Day 3

So drunk about 2.5 l today.

Ate pretty good but I have eaten the dreaded food- crisps!!!

Recently my mum brought some crisps and I haven't had a packet in about a year. Well I ate some every day and I had a breakout. So I've stopped for last 2 days but today I needed some. They are incredibly addictive.

It's like milk breaks over people out, thought I haven't had any milk for last year because I find the stuff disgusting. As I find bread disgusting.

Didn't eat too much today so upside.

Did alot of exercise today which is always good.

Sleep was 8 hours but 12 til 8 so I was tired today.


Spent today with my boyfriend and it was odd, he is paranoid.

Many people say my boyfriend is not attractive but I think he is gorgeous. But all his mates keep asking how he managed "to nab someone like me". Supposedly his mates can't believe he has a "fit girlfriend". Odd I must say. I met my boyfriend because an ex friend felt he should get to know some proper fit girls. It's really weird. I've never had comments on my looks. I tend to have people tell me I'm too outspoken and that sometimes I'm often brutally honest which can be seen as nasty.

I always thought my personality, often overbearing, meant my looks were inconsequential but it would seem I am wrong.

Song of the day: Hound Dog - Elvis Presley

Keep on the brave fight against acne,

Chicken Mongrel

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Day 4

Odd odd day.

3l = easy

ate alright today and didn't overeat

biked so got some exercise.

Sleep was bad as I got 10.30 til 4 so not good.


Today was quite a good day. My boyfriend's mum is having 'the talk' with him even though it's completely unnecessary. I'm not an idiot. The only reason for BC pills is for my sleep deprivation round that time of the month and to clear up my face. I mean sheesh.

I'm going to buy a neckerchief because they look incredibly cool. I think anyong who added a neckerchief to an outfit would look great. I'm going to go for a 50's look next year. I'm really liking it. I'm getting bored of black.

And a pair of pink timberlands.

And I really want a bowler hat but haven't seen one yet.

Songs of the day: The Invisible Man - Queen

Return to Sender - Elvis Presley

Good luck people in your own endeavours,

Chicken Mongrel

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Day 5

3l's easy peasy

ate well and didn't overeat


Sleep wasn't good sad.gif


As a day it was good.

Song of the Day: Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley

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Day 6

Ate well and not too much

drank loads of water

ran around playground so no real exercise.


I drank a litre of water when I woke, and then vomited it all up again. Seriously.

I drank it in 25 minutes and I don't think my body can handle that amount in that time first thing in the morning.

Also for some random reason I ache all over and I'm extremely tired. I'll be in bed by 9.30 just out of exhaustion. (Not sure why I feel like this).

Tomorrow is update day, one week in. Wonder if there was any improvement.

Song of the Day: Hare and Co. - Some school play

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Day 7

So I have tonsilitis. No wonder I felt bad yesters. There will be no official 'one week' update today because I don't feel well enough.

Drank my water, overate but most of it was good. No exercise because I am ill. Also taking paracetamol, antibiotics to help. Also found out my loved pickled onions are healthy. Thanks to alochet, he won't read this but A second thanks none the same.

Song of the Day: Do you love me now that I can dance - some dude off 60's album

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Day 8

Today has been baaaaaaaad. Food wise amount and type has been good but I had 2 packets of crisps.

Crisps without a doubt break me out.

How stupid am I?

Very obviously.

Water wise I am low but I got at least the recommended 2l.

No exercise, im still tonsilitis.

Sleep recently has been bad because of tonsilitis.

So I think I can now say bad health makes me break out.

Well it could be worse.

This week I have deffo put on weight and I'm not feeling good in any way. I feel terrible. I hope I can sort that out soonish.

Song of the Day: My throat hurts - me

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