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The acne is gone..

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I don't want to jinx my self hehe.. so I'm knocking on wood and stuff hehe.. I'm just posting so that I may be able to help some one..

Last 5 weeks were terrible.. acne.. HUGE acne was showing up on my nose.. They started in the middle of my exams.. but then refused to die..

I was on dans regimen.. but that wasn't helping as much as I would like..

I don't know what worked.. but something did..

- CVS daily face wash with tryclosan

- Purpose cleansing bar

- Neutrogena Tinted BP

- Neutrogena Moisturizer

and same thing after taking a shower at night.

I washed my face twice... first with the CVS thingy.. and then the purpose cleansing bar to get any residue left behind.. then I applied the tinted BP.. great for hiding the blemishes too.

I steamed my face.. for about 8 minutes.. then I put a paper towel in the microwave and placed it on my face till it cooled down. (I didn't do the steaming thing the whole time.. just everynow and then.. about 4 times a week)

I did order B5.. it gave me stomache problems and acne became big.. I immediatly went down to 1 teaspoon a day. and it seems to have decreased oil production.

I am taking Centrum (vitamins) and Vitamen E 1000 IU daily.

Drink a WHOLE LOTTA WATER... atleast 8 glasses.

I totally did NOT touch my face.

I stopped eating diary and cholocolate.. and I used to go to a sandwich shop called ALs (its local).. I used to order a greasy grilled chicken sandwich.. I didn't eat for 2 weeks.. and in those 2 weeks my acne died..

Another thing I did was get the Neutrogena On the spot acne patches.. they have salysilic acid.. I applied some Neutrogena BP on the acne (that dries up the skin) and then I put on the acne patches.. the dry skin makes the patches stick on the face very well.. I put them on all night.. and then all day.. and then at night again.. (over the weekend) and that made the big one muuuuch smaller.. and the small ones died..

I also drank water with honey and husk.. (supposed to help the intestines and digestion)..

Also took some green tea..

wow.. I'm not sure if I left anything out... I hope I didn't

Now.. I don't recommend you do all that because each persons skin is different.. I guess mine is kinda tough that it handled the BP and Salysilic patches for 2 days :D ... I wish you all good luck.

I'm going to keep doing all this.. and hopefully I'll be rid of this terrible acne plague.

I do NOT know what helped me.. because I did so much at once..

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what you said about B5 giving u stomach problems yah it did the same to me i have an ulser and it just made it really worse.. but i decreased what i was taking and now im better.. :D/

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