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accutane blood test question

Hey i took my blood test about a week ago, but it was basically a surprise one. i went in to my derm to ask for accutane and he was like ok, lets take your blood, "have you eaten breakfast?" i said no, he was like "good then go across the street and get some blood drawn. " I forgot that had two 40z of Old english malt liquor 7.5 percent alcohol last night, probably finishing them around 2 am. My triglicerides were 140, and when i first took accutane they were like 80 before, and 110 after my first couple of months. I just wanted to know if it was the malt liquor that spiked my levels. I hope so, cuz i have always been pretty healthy. and i am going to school in tucson and will be seeing a new derm there for follow ups, i just dont want him being like...hmmm......the accutane made your levels go down weird, and taking me off or something. I have always been pretty healthy. I'm 6 ft 160 healty build i lift and play basketball quite a bit. i Just dont want him to take me off of it after like one month. BUT ANYWAYS, i guess my question is: was it the malt liquor that had an effect on my levels? thanks everyone

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Although the spike in FTG levels may well have been caused by your drinking, a level of 140 (and/or a gain of 40-60)while on accutane should not be any cause for concern.

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