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hi all

i am currently on roaccutane, and it is working well to clear my pimples

but i still have heaps of red marks, i would like to know, is it possible to use some medication to remove the red marks but wont affect the roaccutane?

i know roaccutane says im not meant to use other anti-acne products, but maybe something not that strong? i dont want to stop using Ro. because outbreaks might come again.

any ideas people?


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i wouldnt worry about that the say they r just covering their arses so they wont get sued n shit, i treat my skin like shit n ive been on roaccutane almost 5 months now, ive put all kinds of shit on it and has been fine, do a lemon n egg mask everyday after steaming ur face and apply aloe vera gel 100% before u sleep, good luck son

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