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So many procedures, how do you decide

I just finished a 6 months course of accutane and Iam finnaly acne free. However Iam left with much much scarring. I scarred so much in the past 6 months then I did my entire life, I am 29 y/o. While I had active acne I tried aramis laser which was a disaster, I scarred so much more after that one time laser treatment. Iam also left with needle holes on my forehead where the laser penetrated. I wish I never had tried this laser. I was just desperate and wanted to avoid accutane.

I have some shallow scarring and 3 icepicks on each cheek. I would be so happy if I can just smooth out my shallow scars and live with the icepicks. Ive been reading about all kinds of procedures, its too confusing, Iam not even sure where to begin to investigate, there are good and bad in each procedure. I can not pin point a safer more reliable one. Can someone guide me where should i concentrate my search. i was thinking about just doing microdermbrasion, maybe 10 of them one month apart. I read that its safe but again safety comes with a price, that it may not work. I read so much about tca peels, and cross? I was also looking into co2 laser, but iam a bit skeptical of using laser again. even though the aramis laser is a different nm. Where do i look guys? what procedure should i look into. any advice would help me greatly.

I am doing this 6 months from now to get accutane out of my system.

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Hey. Microdermabrasion and lasers really don't work for acne scarring. For the icepicks, depending on their depth, you will probably need punch floats or punch excisions. Dermabrasion is the best way to resurface skin ravaged by acne. Please go to the search button in acne scarring and type in the key words: punch excision, dermabrasion, CO2 laser, microdermabrasion, etc. and you will pull up testimonies of many people who have tried all the above with varying degrees of success (and failure). Also, Google "acne scarring" and see what you come up with. This site is really a rich vein of information - you just need to do the research.

Good luck!

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