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Growing up I have gone through many stages of acne and using medical treatement along with a consistent regime to combat my problems. Now I have something that I am just not sure how to treat. I have an appointment with my dermatologist in a few weeks, but I am wondering if anyone could help me now?

Almost on a weekly basis I am getting medium size and very painful whiteheads INSIDE my nose. They take several days to go away and cause a lot of painful pressure.

Has anyone out there experienced this? If so, any treatment recomendations? Thank you!!!!

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I HATE THOSE! LOL..i always get those in hot sunny weathers when im dehydrated. So just drink lots of water 5-7 water bottles from now on..just weeee it out! tongue.gif If it doesnt swell down in like 2 - 4 days then check it out..

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I used to get them. They hurt and made that part of my nose red and swollen, even though the pimple was inside my nose. It is usually not easy to pop them, it's kinda hard to pop something you don't see. (It was for me anyway) The only solution for me was to be patient and wait for it to heal.

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Guest Tempest

Just curious, are you a guy and if so do you trim your nose hairs? (heehee) if so you could be getting infected hair follicles as the hair grows back in. just a thought. If you get an itch up there(we all do at times) use a tissue and not your fingers cuz they are LOADED with nasty bacteria from every thing you touch during the day...you could be scratching the inside and letting the bacteria in. hope that helps biggrin.gif

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Grab a Q-Tip(if the swab is to big, you can twist some tissue, )dab it in your fav astringent, alcohol, witch hazel, whatever. I use baking soda. Dab the solution on the pimple in your nose. Breath out of your mouth for a few minutes so that you arent inhaling the chemical, wait for it to dry. See, mom knew what she was talking about when she told you to stop pickin your nose! eusa_naughty.gif

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