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So I went off Ortho tri cylen and had a major exlposion of acne....the worst ever.

I know I know, others have had this before (i read all the topics)

But one thing that has been driving me INSANE is my itchy acne. ITS HORRIBLE! I wake up in the middle of the night wanting to itch my face so damn bad.

Its sooo itchy!

Anyone else have this?

I never had acne before until i went off the pill so im thinking its just my face trying to heal itself...i dunno......

Here we go again, its itching like crazy!

(no its not a rash or a allergic reaction....their pimples!)

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I only have itchy acne on my back :-/ God do I hate it, I'll sit there after I put something on my back and itch it to death. Usually a few come off :-/. I've never had itchy acne on my face though, maybe neck, but never on my face. Although I'd rather have itchy acne on my face than on my back :-/ I can't even take my shirt off its horrible.

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I've had itchy acne too. One night a few weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night and just started scratching the hell out of my face. I didn't notice how hard I was scracthing until I woke up again in the morning and noticed my face all bleeding and scracthed up.... yeah it was pretty bad. Until now it has not happened again.

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