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my regimen.. am i over doing it

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i was on differin a year ago and it cleared me up real well, red marks and all. when i was on differin i still had acne but its when i stopped taking it that my face cleared up for some reason, but then after awhile it broke out again and now im stuck with it again. I just thought of a new regimen i want to try and i was wondering what u guys think cuz it includes alot of stuff and i want to make sure im not doing something stupid

i have a few pimples but my real problem is red marks im hoping this regimen gets rid of it all

k here it is


purpose cleansing bar

neutrogena multi-vitamin acne stuff


dans regimen (purpose bar, Neutrogena OTS, moisturizer)


dans regimen but instead of moisturizer i use vita K for blotchy skin

11-12pm before bed


along with that i take an oral antibiotic twice a day from my dermatologist

my skin is real tolerant ive never had problems with flaking or redness but i still use the moisturizer in dans regimen

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well try it and see how your skin reacts. personally i think it's too much...not for my skin just for my time. i'd probably take out the evening step. i've never used diffren so i don't know what it does. so really you'll just have to try and see. after a week or so if your skin is getting irrated remove a step. also with so many things going on at once you don't know whats working. you could be spending more money than you really need to be. know what i mean?? oh by the way....i don't think too many people stop by on the log board. i usually just stop by once in a blue moon. so that's probably why no one responded. :)

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