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Minocycline VS Lymecycline

Has anybody tried BOTH Minocycline (Minocin) and Lymecycline (Tetralysal)?, which was more effective?

I've tried erythromycin, oxytetracycline, mincocyline, and briefly doxycycline in the past and found minocycline to be most effective, unfortunately I think i became resistant to it and suffered pigmentation problems (I was on it for quite a while).

I've now been given Lymecycline (Tetralysal 300) since the doctor said that this was the most safe tetracycline available. I'm not sure if this is going to work as well as minocycline but I have no option. Unfortuanately Accutane taken 3 years ago has since left me with sensitive skin which cannot tolerate ANY topical well, so in other words I am stuck with only oral therapy.

Any feedback or advice?

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In general - if one antibiotic (abx) from a particular class works for you, then in theory the others should as well. This also applies to the ones that don't work. However - no one can predict whether or not any oral abx will work for you, as nothing is guaranteed, and nothing works all the time for everyone.

No one abx is "more effective" than another. They just happen to be more (or less) effective in each person's individual case. Asking someone which abx was more effective for them has no predictive value for you.

If your current abx proves ineffective, then you should consider moving to a completely different class of abx, such as a sulfonamide or cephelosporin...

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