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sorry for long windedness.,i had bad acne in the early teens,etc i used dans regiemn and while not clearing me it improved everything by a good 900% (sorry for the lame over exagerration but it really did help)

After this i went on to clear the red marks,i used vinegar (stupidly MALT-applied neat and not washed off!) for a year on and off and after a while i noticed it was really giving me some strange red dull complexion,not really helping.

So i scraped the vinegar,and tried an SA wash,loreals pure zone,at first i thought it was helping but blah not really so i chucked that.

At this point i had striped my skin of alot of the defense oil (??) due to the SA and i went out and sunbathed for 5 hours one day without sunscreen.As you can imagine this did alot of damage.

Now 3 months ago i decided to stop the crap,i also looked at diet too. I ate lots more fruit and veg,scraped junk food and soft drinks (thats soda over there i guess if your not sure) drank a good 2- litres of water a day.Went to bed at a good time (9.30) etc and more importantly just washed twice a day simply and gently with dove extra senstive.Thats all.In addition i wore sunscreen on days when it was needed.And took 400 iu Vit E daily and 1000mg Vit C thrice daily.For the first time i just stuck to a regiemn religiously and My badly red marked skin faded loads and for the last month has only had an average of one spot a week or so.

Last week i decided to completely fade everything away and once and for all stop the breakouts to add 25mg zinc daily,8000 iu vit A daily and a vit b complex with b12 daily that contains the following.

Thuiamin 7mg.

Riboflavin 14mg.

Niacin 4.5mg

protease 10mg.

and 25 Ug(?) of vit 12.

i started taking these last thursday.On friday i noticed a good 4 bumps shooting up towards the jawline,which made me kinda frustrated.Then saturday and sunday bumps appeared a few on the bridge of my nose and all on my nose.

Now my question is this.whats happening....

was it.

a)one or more of the vitamins is causeing my skin to get alot worse.

b)the vitamins are kinda purging out all the older junk under my skin and breakouts like this shouldn't really continue.

c)the breakout was brought on by somethign else.(i had a date last saturday,i had quite alot of caffeine+some popcorn rolleyes.gif )..or maybe the nerves of it all?

Just wandering is all.Because id rather it be B) i dont mind a few weeks of looking like crap if im finally removing all the junk down there.I just dont want to carry on if these vitamins are relaly just doing me no good at all.

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