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Ok you should probably stop reading about now cos i'm just venting. It's just an i hate acne post. It's easier than discussing it with someone face to face and having them throw it right back at you.

Why is it that the people in your life who are supposed to care the most are the ones who usually hurt you the most? The people who are supposed to offer support just put you down instead. I don't know anybody except you guys who knows what life is like living with acne. I'm at the point where i hate even leaving the house and i've pushed so many people away. I'm so messed up inside my head a psychologist would have a field day trying to figure it out, some of the time i don't even understand myself.

I'm currently on dans regimen and have on and off days but every morning i wake up with the hope that today i will look a little better. And whether or not it's in my head i thought i was clearing a little. Then today my mum told me that it's pointless me using bp cos it's not doing anything. And my brother was in a bad mood and made offensive comments about my face not long after. I can usually take any insults but not ones about my face as they are the ones that hurt the most. I have to pretend that it hasn't bothered me but inside i'm crushed. And i know from the past that any comments about my skin that people make stay with me and i end up playing them over and over in my head whenever i'm down. Fighting against acne is so hard. I'm so sick of being so depressed. I hate the way acne can completely destroy everything. No matter how hard i try acne will find a way to bring me right back down again eusa_wall.gif

I'm going to stop now, I have problems opening up and talking about my feelings but i'm having a bad day and although it has helped to type some of it up here, i know if i read it over i'll delete it! Anyway if you are still reading then thanks. eusa_boohoo.gif

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I feel exactly as you do man. You're not alone and it's true the people closest to you end up hurting you the most. I too hole up in my house instead of going out with my friends and I know its stupid and wrong but I still do it, I just can't face the world.

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I cannot fucking stand personal comments about my skin etc i just laugh it off but it does crush me inside n i think about it for hours then i think omfg everyone must think i am such an ugly happyflowers n then i just have no self asteem

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