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Hi there,

i been reading up on the forum on scarzone and i am very excited about this product and what to try it out real soon. However at the moment i am using this sunscreen during the day, so i put it on in the morning and this sunscreen cost me around $9.99 US dollars.

I have noticed a considerable improvement in the tone of my scars or red marks,and i feel as thou my face is protected from the everyday harshness the environmnet treis to through at me. especailly where i am at, at the moment. the polluation level is very high and temperture is high too.

So I was thinking does scarzone work like a sunscreen in reducing redmarks, i dnt knw if it is the white that is reducing redness but even at night when i wash the stuff off my redmarks seem less red,no not my imagination, it stays quite calm.

I am using the Coppertone Oil Free for Sensitive Skin with SPF 30, it lists all the main points that us sufferers wants to know, it is Hypoallergic tested, wont colg pores (condemgenic) and even says safe to use on 5 months old baby....

but i am still going to give scar zone a try because i think scar zone has more of an effect on the redmarks rite?? afterall it is called scarzone compared coppertine which is just a sunscreen. lol.gif

But I really want to know if scarzone works the smae as a sunscreen in reducing red marks, or does it actually have scar reducing factors in the product, so that when applied it protects the skin from the sun and harsh environment, as well as treat the scar underneath the protected area. eusa_pray.gif I hope it would do.......

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