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how long is the 'initial breakout' period for antibiotics?

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I've started using 200 mg of doxy per day, and was wondering how long the initial breakout period will last? I've gotten about 10 cysts around my chin/mouth area since I started taking it last Saturday.

Before doxy, I was on Minocycline for about 2 years on and off, so will this effect the length of time it will take for doxy to work for me?

One last question...does using a topical ointment speed along the effectiveness of antiobiotics? Last Dec. when I broke out, I began using Retin A and it made my skin 100x worse (NO JOKE!) [-( So now I'm a little freaked on using any sort of topical ointment. I used to use Benzaclin, so maybe I should go back to that? Please help! #-o


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Have you read about Dan's Regimen??? It was the first right step I've taken w/ my skin in awhile. {I used to be an overscrubbing productwhore}

Anyhoo, here's what I know and I've been on tetracycline, Retin A, Minoclcine, Doxy, Plexion, Brevoxyl, Accutane, benzac, Differin, ad naseum...

I NEVER had an initial breakout w/antibiotics. There's an initial breakout period w/ any vitamin A derivative from Differin to Accutane, bcs the isotrention{?} forces existing sebum to the surface even as it calms the gland. But antibiotics I felt just took awhile to work, like the levels had to build up to combat the p.acnes.

Also, the vitamin A topicals, shed skin, so your face has to process all the existing layers before you see improvement, so they are know to break you out.

But back to Dan.....Benzoyl Peroxide kicks butt. Try his regimen topically and maybe someone else here can shed some light on your Doxy breakout. Seems peculiar to me.


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Well said shatangi and I'll try to add a few more tidbits:

There should be no initial breakout with antibiotics, but it may take a while to see any kind of beneficial result with them (re: a month or two). However, any of us who have been prescribed antibiotics for acne soon come to realize the wonderful reality of these drugs for our problem: sure they may work for up to a year, but soon you become resistant to that particular antibiotic and must cycle through different ones to fight acne. Personally, I think this route is a never-ending battle, or at least until you die. =;

As for topical medications, I think all of them are pretty useless short of BP, which I used in my younger days and actually had a "bombard your face with BP" regimen before Dan and his little web site came about! Or a spot treatment gel (I can't remember the name of it to save my life) also is quite effective, but will not prevent new pimples from forming.

I used to be one of those folks who believed that Accutane was a last resort, but considering that my skin still sucks after years of Retin-A, tetracycline, BP, and what not, I'm really starting to believe it's the way to go.

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