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i thought id poke my head in so i can say what is working for me since one of the things that is working is avoidnig acne thoughts (whcih means limited time on acne baords)

so what is working for me is a combo of things here gose :

1) proactiv the 3 steps 2 X a day , plus the mask 1 X? a week and NOTHING ELSE

2) antidepressants ( i think i was too obsessed and depressed)

3) starting a new job so i dont have time to pick or over wash


4) throwing away my handheld mirrors i used to use for picking. esp the 5X mag mirror.

anyway i the old feeligns are coming back to me just being here so im giong to leave for now.


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I'm using ProActiv right now too! I've tried it before, for about 2 months but then I stopped cuz it was doing nothing for me. Still nothing currently, except for a lot of dryness, which is so annoying! Are you using any moisturizers? I think I may actually stop using Proactiv, and start trying Jessica's Neosporin cream regimen..

How long have you been using proactiv? How long did it take for you to see results?

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Glad to hear it's working for you! Getting your mind off of it is probably the number 1 best thing someone can do for themselves, it really help you feel a lot better about it. smile.gif

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