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Are eggs ok to eat?

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It varies. Some people can eat:

Whole Eggs Cooked

Whole Eggs Raw

Egg Whites Cooked

Egg Yolks Raw

Of course, most that find that they can't tolerate any portion of the eggs cooked, refuse to eat them raw. So they don't eat any eggs at all.

I guess you've got some experimenting to do wink.gif

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I feel organic eggs could be a good choice (ensuring the packaging states that the animals were raised freely), as I believe they would be healthier. For certain foods, organic may not make a significant difference, but for certain things, like apples for example, organic could be better, especially if you usually eat the skin.

I was also told by naturopaths that it is best to have the yellow part runny when eating an egg. Otherwise, much, if not all, of the nutrition from an egg is eliminated.

Other than this, I have not heard that eggs should be avoided in relation to acne, but this could of course be subjective.

Hope this helps a little. eusa_angel.gif

Li B.

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yeh man i doubt eggs alone would cause you acne, i think we gotta get a little perspective here. I eat eggs all the time and there doesn't seem to be a problem.

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First the other thread ask are fish good now its eggs??

Eggs doens't cause acne, some eggs like flesh colored farm eggs are good for the health if you drink it w/o cooking. The white eggs are also good when you are body building.

The question for this thread should be like this:

"Which comes first, chicken or egg?"

The answer is EGG!!!

Chicken came from eggs right?

Who are the firsct creation of God? Adam and Eve right?

Adam has eggs, everyone knows that...

EGGS COMES FIRST!!! biggrin.gif

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I find eggs are ok to eat, as an ommelette, scrambled whatever - AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT USE VEGETABLE OIL TO COOK THEM, OR BUTTER.

USE something less oily, like some Olive oil, or Fake butter/Margarine.

This applies to any food.

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I live in the country and there is farm eggs all around, I don't think it is like that in the city but I try and get farm eggs . Because I know farm chickens are actually allowed to run around outside and not spend there life in a cage and fed hormones and shit all day long.

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