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I had a question about the lemon/vingar method of eliminating acne scars. Mine are areas of my faces that are darker then others. So I guess I have a uneven skin tone. I understand about taking lemon juice throughout the day, but how would I apply the vinegar?

1) Has this worked well for anyone?

2) Do I use vinegar throughout the day?

3) Can I mix Neutrogena Multi vitamin with vinegar?

4) Can I use vinegar and lotion together?

Please help me with these questions so I can start getting rid of my acne scarring and uneven complextion! Thanks.

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There isn't one specific way to apply the vinegar. In the thread with all the pages about this topic people go into detail about how they are applying it. I myself dilute it first and then apply it with cotton squares, for example. There are people who apply it straight onto their faces as well. It's basically trial and error at this point.

I personally like it as it makes my face feel clean and softer. I am not sure it's helping with the scars yet, but I have hope.

I apply vinegar just once or twice a day, others might be different. Once again, trial and error.

I have no idea if you can mix the Neutrogena with it or not. I'd probably apply them separately.

Same as above for your lotion question.

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