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Guest delta force operators

what the fuck is herpes

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Guest delta force operators

hey what the fuck is herpes and how do u know u got it? even when u dont have a recent outbreak

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herpes is a virus, there are two types, simplex 1 & simplex 2. in more common terms, oral herpes & genital herpes. oral herpes are fairly common, over 50% of americans have it. you might be familiar with it, oral herpes are also known as cold sores. they usually appear around the edges of your lips. it sort of looks like a pimple at first (but kind of tingly), but then it erupts into an open sore on your lips. it turns into a kind of a yellow crusty scab thing. genital herpes is open sores on your genitals. even though there are two types, you can get oral herpes from touching someone with genital herpes & vice versa.

you commonly get herpes from contact with an open sore. but very rarely, it can be transfered even if there isn't an open sore. you can trigger an outbreak in periods of extreme stress, but otherwise, people typically break out with a cold sore a few times a year. & you can't tell if you have herpes, except for when you have an outbreak.

haha, i know a lot about herpes because its the reason i became germaphobic in college. biggrin.gif

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That's what I was thinking. What does herpes have to do with acne?

I would say you are posting in the wrong forum for sure. Maybe you could even go to your local health unit and get some free pamphlets......and condoms... But it sounds like it might be too late fore that...

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It's probably because oral herpes looks similar to acne. I'm sure that there are people on this website who thinks the bumps around their mouth is acne, when in reality, it's probably herpes.

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