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Steam Rooms?

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A friend told me to join a gym that has a steam room, and that helps acne a lot, I'm thinkin about doin that anyways, but I was wondering if anyone else has an opinion on this

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I tend to doubt it would help, but it could possibly hurt. People in humid climates have more acne and more severe cases. Also, when the skin is exposed to increasing temperatures, the skin produces more sebum (oil) for about 90 minutes. Lastly, the steam combined with sweat may be akin to another wash, so if you are going to do a steam, make sure it is before either your morning or evening routine. My point here is to avoid over-washing.


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Guest fatman_uk


There's a steam room at my gym, an i've been in a few times but only ever had problems from it. Even drier than dry skin, increased redness, few zits, etc. No good.

I think it basically is the same as showering in HOT water for however long your in there for. An as Dan said, don't overwash, it'll screw ur oil production up an send it loopy. Same effect comes from this as overwashing, so i wouldn't risk it.


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Absolutely Not good. Although sweating one or twice a week is good to unclogg the pores, the steam is very irritating for the skin. Do sport, but not steam.

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