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Hi, i am 16 years old and i developed this one red mark on my forehead above my right eyebrow. Its not that its a red mark, its just that every few weeks or so something happens and it starts to form a hard pimple. Me being dumb, i think its a pimple and try to pop it but it dosent break like the others. Instead it just increases in size and then pusses out clear liquid and sometimes has a little blood in it. How can i prevent this from coming back and what is it? right now im sitting with what looks like a big cut on my forehead becasue of the pimple. Please help

I was also wondering if their was any deep skin peels i could MAKE. Like household products that would get rid of red marks. Such as lemon juice etc.

Thanks a lot,


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My problem is that if i squeeze a spot(one that is ready to be squeezed) even if i apply light pressure the whole surrounding area becomes sooooooo red, its becomes sore and dark red even thou the skin has not been broken. It takes about a week to fade down and looks horrible. I currently have a red patch about the size of a pound coin on my face which i really want to fade!

I wouldnt worry about one red patch, im sure if u just leave it alone seeing as you have determined that it is not a spot that it will go away. If u know that its not a spot then there is no need to pick it!

You could try BP but im allergic so i cant use it but lots of peeople say it works on lumps and hard spots.

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Use salicylic acid or BP. Then Lotion. I had that kind of thing on my head to and it hurst when you try to pop it because you CANT! lol. Believe Iv have tryed and it wont work. It will just hurt.

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