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Man, I love ACCUTANE.

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Two months into the course of this stuff and I am already hitting close to a clear face. I was moderate acne sufferer, but my case was a bit different. Up close, I had 100's of clogged pores. They felt like small little bumps. Anyways, most of them are gone.

White heads = once every 3-4 days.

Cysts = never had one before accutane but 3 popped up in the first month. The one on my nose I popped with all my might because my nose literally just doesn't scar. Two others on my chin. One week after getting the two chin ones, the pus surfaced and they dried up.

Cheeks = red spots only; when I rub my hand on it, I feel only a smooth surface. So, I guess I wait a few months for the red marks to fade.

Forehead = Mostly scabs/red marks.

Scars = one scar on the left cheek the width of this --

Side Effects = kind of dried lips, thinning hair (not losing hair but each individual hair is smaller in width, doesn't matter though because hair works on a 6 month cycle...when my new hair cycle comes around, my accutane will be out of my system and new thick hair comes in), kind of dry eyes, and my whole body is smooth.

First month, I was breaking out in 10 new white heads a day. It was incredibly horrible. I am on 40 mg one day, then 80 the next. When I take 80, I split 40 for the morning and 40 for the night.

I started getting acne when I was 18 just out of the blue. It was around Christmas and I am almost 19 now. I am suprised I only have one small scar because I picked the poop out of them. Besides the blood tests that I really do no enjoy, this accutane stuff is easy.

Almost start of month 3 with one more month after that to go. WOOT!!!

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So how often do u have to visit the derma? What lifestyle changes did u have to make?

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