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Is TCA peel available for home use?

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Hi all,

Do any of you know any websites selling TCA peels.

I thought I could try the CROSS method at home.

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There is a place called Medichest http://www.medichest.com/

that sells TCA crystals (search under the word crystals), but you have to mix it with water and I have yet to find out how to do this exactly to get the correct formulation. I am looking into it. You might want to call local chemical supply houses. However, before you do this on yourself, I would definitely have a doctor do it on you so you learn exactly what to do. I am a huge advocate of self treatment, but this can be tricky and a mistake could be very costly and scar you even further.

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Hi Anna,

Thanks for your quick response and warning. Prehaps there are instructions on how much water to add to the crystals to get the required concentration(10% to 100%).Have you already bought them?

Once again thanks for the warning.If I do get hold of TCA, I will start by using 30% TCA and try it on one scar . My derm says long term use of

30 % TCA would significantaly improve acne scarring .

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Hi Jasmine,

Please read through the thread I started on this topic. It is kind of long.


I really would suggest you talk to your dermatologist and see if they have a copy of the study and would be willing to try it on you.

While this may seem like a simple procedure, it has great potential for things to go wrong. Also, using the lower concentrations on your scar, even if it is only one spot, will probably not yield the results you are looking for.

Please feel free to ask me any more questions you may have.



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