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What types of scars does Isolagen help?

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I thought I'd read that Isolagen could be used on deeper irregular scars and ice pick scars. I've been looking on the internet, but I can't seem to find anything that says Isolagen works for pitted and deeper scars. I know that collagen fillers aren't any use on scars that reach down to the subcutaneous skin layer, does anyone know if that's the case for Isolagen as well?

I'm a bit worried now.


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Isolagen is also effective in helping to reduce acne scarring and other scars resulting from trauma or chickenpox. Current treatment relies on drugs and the use of lasers to burn away the top surface of the skin. The technique of subcision, where a small cut is made below the scar to release the scar tension, and total excision are common treatments for acne scarring. These modalities, however, can leave a scar or a depression and may re-occur over time.

Good news! :D/

I'm presuming that chicken pox scars have similar properties to deep boxcar and ice pick scars. I'm off to see my derm in a few hours and I'll see if I can arrange another cheap laser treatment once I've finished the Isolagen treatment.

I think the fibroblasts and elastin actually alter any scar tissue into a more regular skin composition. The thought of having nearly smooth skin by christmas is making me giddy - I must try harder to not get my hopes up though! :D#

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Good luck,

I really hope isolagen is the answer, combined with subcision and n-lite is sounds really really promising :D

If I get 50%+ improvment by 2004 I will be over the moon :D


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