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The Regimen,some questions on it.

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Since I don't wanna wait for 15 mins for pores to close,is it ok if I use some sort of toner/astringent to close the pores quicker?(Any suggestions?)

And after u apply BP,do I really have to wait 15 mins?Cuz if I wanna get out of the house...I don't have 15 mins,know what I mean?Can I just apply moisturizer right away?

Thanks. :D({|=

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What I do is put on BP, then eat breakfast which takes about 10mins, then my face is dry and I can apply moisturizer. Says 5-15mins so whenever the BP is dry you can put on moisturizer...

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To my understanding of Dan's regimen, 3 things became clear. Use a LOT of BP, Don't irritate, be patient.

If you don't wait, your skin isn't ready to be treated bcs:

after washing, natural oils have been stripped

While we don't want to be oily, dry skin causes the sebum to overproduce.

Treating before the natural oils have begun their "natural" process shocks the skin, drying it further, leading to more oil, etc.etc.

I hate to wait as well, but if it doesn't work your way, it'll be bcs it's not really the regimen unless you do it correctly.


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