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How much does Accutance cost for you ppl with insurance?

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Not bad at all. I'm glad to see that insurance covers it now. When I took years ago, it cost me around $600 for the full course. I guess they didnt think it was "medically necessary." Yeah right

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Can I ask something?How much changes in my lifestyle would I have to make when I take Accutane?I'm a guy,20 yrs old,this is the summer so I'm outdoors sometimes,I wear contacts.I know u have to probably wear glasses but what about other changes in lifestyle?

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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The main thing is that you keep your skin and lips moist if you're going to be in the sun a lot. Also be prepared to cake on that sunscreen. It's doable. I just started my thrid course of accutane a few days ago. The biggest problem for me has always been the dry/chapped lips. Last two times I was on accutane it was the summer and in fact I remember going to the beach for vacation. I didn't really have any issues as long as I kept the sunscreen on. While I probably wear my contacts less on accutane, they are still wearable. Just have some rewetting drops around for when you need them. You shouldn't need to make dramatic changes to your lifestyle. Just make sure you do the basics and you'll be fine. You're 20. It's summer, have fun, that in itself usually lifts my spirits while on accutane.


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hey guys!!!

I proudly invite you to my lil crappy country (see left)

altho' we all young people earn about 150-200 dollars (including myself), the accutance thing is extremely groundlessly priced to almost 100$ for a month 20 mg supply!!!

I am currently on 40 mgs, so it gives almost $200 a month, which compared to our wages ... well I FUCK IT ALL, for the most important is if it gives the effect or not!!!

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