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I used Proactive and it worked in 2 weeks. It has the same basic principles as the regimen.

1. use a cleanser

2. toner or moisturizer

3. Apply BP

Now I know you put the moisturizer on after the BP with the regimen, but this definelty worked. My skin got kind of dry though.

I just have a few reddish-brown marks that i need to clear up, and starting to take vitamins A&C. Also, I was thinking of switching to a

salicylic acid regimen and abandon Proactive for awhile to see if this would clear up the marks. Doing both will definelty make my skin very dry and irritated. I bought a moisturizer..Neutrogena moisturizer with salicylic acid. Does anyone think this is a bad idea?

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After step 3. I always had to use some type of lotion. My face just dryed out wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much.

I use Proactiv when I can't use Dan's regimen.

Both seem to work.

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heh doesnt the proactiv toner have salicyclic acid in it anyways? =)

ACtually I just checked since you asked, and it has glyconniec (splleing?) acid.

That's the only acid in the toner.

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BP and SA aren't used together because its too harsh & kind of counter productive. The SA peels skin too fast for the BP to really absorb, but enough time for the BP to begin to dry out the skin, which is peeling too fast ......{my personal theory-no hard evidence}

You could try VitaK for the moisturizer. It's supposed to be amazing for discoloration etc. Check out the Vita K threads.


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