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accutane worth it?

My sister takes five 60mg pills of accutane everyday, this is her second time being on it after one solid year with good results, then a break when insurance wouldn't cover it. During that break her acne came back full force even with tons of other treatments. She has cystic acne on her face and back and even though the accutane is helping this time, it doesn't seem to be working as well as it should, considering the amount she is taking.

I have acne myself, and have everything under the sun and plan to try this regime asap...

My question is to anyone out there who has suffered from severe cystic acne, can this regime help? What are the dangers if she doesn't stop taking the accutane or have it all out of her system before she starts? :-k

I don't want to make her skin any worse, but if there's anyway to get her off all of these pills and away from the side effects then I have to get her to at least try it. As you accutane takers all know though, I might have to pry those magic pills out of her cold dead hands.

Thanks for any help you guys can offer.

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sorry, but how heavy is she? You are only suppose to take 1mg per kg of body weight. So that means she weighs 300kg?

I guess she could have VERY severe acne but I even doubt then the doctor would put her on that. I imagine after a month her blood tests will be through the roofs and she wont be able to take it anymore.

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