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Doxycycline vs Minocycline

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I was on minocycline for about a year and it stopped losing its effect on me. I'm starting Doxy now and was wondering how long it'd be before I see results. Also, for those who've used both Doxy and Minocycline...which is better?? Please let me know!

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The only thing I want to emphasize is WEAR SUNSCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had the same experience w/ mino...worked for 18 mo. & then just QUIT.

I was on Doxy 3 Marches ago and in three hours, sustained a sunburn bad enough to make me peel, puke, and require bedrest for 2 days.

I can't remember if it cleared me up, the burn was so harsh, I've blocked everything else!


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Hi Andrea :D

I was put on Minocycline a few years back and it worked really well for me. Id say it cleared me up 90%, but after I came off it the acne came straight back, but I guess im just unlucky.

I was put on Doxycycline after I finished a course of Accutane to try and clear the last bad patch of acne on my face. I took it for a long time to give it a chance ( around 7 months I think) but it made no difference whatsoever. Im currently taking Oxytetracycline (about a month now) and it really seems to be helping. Hopefully it'll continue to get better as im on it for 6 months so im like [-o< cos im so SICK of being pumped full of drugs all the time.

Good Luck xxx

Oh as for your question, Minocycline worked the best for me.

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