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Why is my face still getting zits,,

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Why is this? I am 18 years old and have been on minocycline for 10 months , and on the regimen for about 8 months,,, how come i am still breaking out on my face? i use the regiman exactly how i am supposed to... i think i put plenty of BP on but maybe i;m not? How much BP do i reallly need to use? my face isnt bad , not really bad at all, but i have some red spots and the usual pimple but damn i am sick of these things,,, when will this regimen kick in? and also my skin gets so damn oily,, are there any tips to help cure this at all?

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Well, while the regimen is a great skin care routine for acne, it isn't 100% effective. It clears me up considerably, but nowhere near completely, and it looks like it may be the same for you. Since it seems you've given the regimen enough time to see if it works, you either have to deal with the lessened amount of pimples you get on the regimen or switch to another skin care regimen. But I really can't think of any OTC stuff more effective than benzoyl peroxide. (as for me, I'm trying a prescription)

For oily skin, I've had success using milk of magnesia for a facial mask once a day (or less frequently, depending on how prone your skin is to dryness). Spread a thin layer over your clean--this stuff is pretty much liquid--let dry, and rinse.


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Dolly's on the right track. The reg also helped, but what it did most for me was educate and bring me to the boards. So you have one internal med and the regimen.....here's what i suggest. Look at how you're doin' the reg: are you using a gentle wash w/o SA? Are you scrubbing ? Are you over washing? Are you touching? Do you use a phone? wear a hat? wash your pillow case frequently?

Consider also: Hormones? girls can go the bcp route to combat androgens

{it's what I do along w/ a modifed regimen}but dudes....I don't know. Ask a doc OR!!!!! look at your diet....

While I think it's BS that chocolate causes acne {Sooooo 1950's!} some foods, processed sugar & grease supercharge the glands that produce androgens which feed the sebum glands which overproduce which gunk up the skin and grow a big fat zit.

Also, weather. I break out in cold dry bcs my pores shrink and my skin is dry and it gets all clogged up, add some hormonal sebum and thats the spotty skin I have every winter. Don't know how to help w/ that....perhaps living in Fiji?? That's my plan.

Maybe BP's the wrong chemical. Some people do better w/ tazorac, benzac {I really like, but is no longer avail.in US} or a Vita A derivative like retinA or Differin. OUr skin is as tempermental as our temperment is thin-skinned....but be sure to give anything a fair shot, 3-5 months.

Don't get frustrated!!!remember it's the journey, not the destination, and the heartbreak of acne is only shaping you into a more beautiful person inside.

It's either that or be bitter, right?



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