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Cortizone injections

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just had cortisone injections a few hours ago for about 15 small but raised scars that i have. Has anyone has these? they ctually seem to have gotten a little bigger since the injections, which seems to be understandbale as they are probably now filled with cortizone. How long does it typically take after the injections to see a result. Overnight? a few hours? anyone ever had really good results after one injection?

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hey angel,

Usually you should see a noticable decrease in the raised scars within a week. After 2 weeks the scars should be significantly decreased, and maybe even flat. Associated with this decrease the colour of the scars should go a little pinkish (but much less red than say a hypertrophic or keliod scar).

I guess the thing that sux about the injections is that you need to be patient. Depending on the level of steriod in the cortisone (the derm will usually start on a low %), the scars should raise again after about 6 weeks, by which time you should orgainse another appointment and repeat the prcedure.

Obviously, the larger the scar, the more likely there will be repeated injections. However, it is a delicate procedure because if there is to much cortisone injected then there is a possibility that the scar will actually indent. To avoid this, derms will usually do a number of injections over a period of time (6mths - 18ths) so that the can monitor the progress.

I have a similar number of hypertrophic scars on my upper shoulders, and have had 6 separate injection sessions over about 10 months and have been lucky enough to see good results, however, some of the scars are quiet stubborn and will require some more treatment. But the improvement from a year ago is remarkable.

Best of luck with it angel, I am sure it will work for you... just be patient and positive!

Let me know how it goes.

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Thank you so much. this board really helps so much.

That is my situation as well, the scarsare on my shoulders. I KNOW they are gonna be stubborn, just because i seriously feel like i know them by now.

one more question!

i did get my first injections yesterday, and I go back to get more in 4 weeks. Problem is, I am going to a beach city very shortly and I was wondering if anyone knew the effects on the sun on these. I dont mean how ill prob get wrinkles and sin cancer, but does anyone know if the sun will reverse the effects of the cortisone, make it ineffective, etc.

maybe im just paranoid but i really hoping this will work. thanks guys!!!!

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Sun shouldn't affect the purpose of the cortisone at all. However, I probably wouldn't go and fry your back. If you have olive skin a little sun won't hurt, but I would definitely apply suncreeen.

Enjoy the beach!!

I didn't have the confidence till after I had a series of injections, then when I did finally go, I realised how important this treatment has been for me.

Hopefully when the scars completely subside (i.e. are flat), I will then have some minor laser treatment to try and return the scars to a faded skin colour (well that is the idea anyway!)

Best of luck angel

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