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Accutane and infected tooth

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i have an infection in one of my teeth, the dentist has given me some antibiotics to kill the infection. I asked the chemist if it was ok for me to take it with accutane , he said it would be. What are you guys opinions on this? could this be bad for my body, u probarbly all know im trying to get though this accutane as safely as i can.


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As Neo said, as long as it isn’t in the tetracycline family, you won’t have a problem. If you do suffer from some adverse reaction to the antibiotic, it won’t be due to the Accutane. The tetracyclines have the potential to cause brain swelling while on Accutane. As a result of this side effect, a lot of ‘taners are concerned over every headache. I confronted my doctor about this a few months ago and he told me that if my brain were swelling, the pain would be so unbearable that I would get to an emergency room asap. I believe the website is called Drugs.Com. They have a free, online drug interaction checker. If your every concerned in the future about taking anything with the Accutane, check it out there. I’ve done it even when the doctors say it’s okay just for peace of mind.

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I had an tooth infection when i started on accutane. I was given the antibiotic Metronidazole which cleared it up great and didnt interfere with the accutane. My tooth was aaagooooonnnnyyy!

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