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My face had been okay for a few weeks, just the annoying oily skin and a few pimples on my cheeks and jawline line. Now I'm starting to break out and I think I know why. the reason is this:

I'm currently having my holiday in singapore and I'm staying with my relatives. They don't have mineral water and so I drink tap water. I can't find any fruits and so my fruits and veggies intake has fallen to the lowest level ever! I can't use my apple cinder vinegar solution if not my cousins will start asking questions which can be complicating and embarassing. Furthermore, singapore is a foodie place but unfortunately a lot of the food are deep-fried and oily.

Seriously, i need help and I don't want to impose my diet on my relatives because they were willing to take me and my bro in and i don't want to look like a spoiled brat. Furthermore, one of my cousin brought proactiv for me (cleansing solution, toner and repairing lotion).

Could you guys please tell me what to do? We have mineral water in singapore just that it is very expensive to buy.

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What time on average do you go to sleep? Do you go to bed after 11? Often, alot, sometimes?

Sleep can be an important part of acne. Because there are healing hormones produced between 10pm and 2am in the morning that strengthen the immune system, help the liver, kidneys, the body etc. I dont think diet is the biggest thing unless your eating meat and consuming dairy, those things can affect your liver because those things arent meant for the body unless you eat organic meat, and free range etc etc. But I dont think its ness to eat meat for any reason.

Try doing what you can for food and water. Ask if you can help around the house or do something in return to get water or something... And try going to bed around 9, 930 pm and waking up at 6am. Youll notice a difference within a few days - a week. But if you want to go long term - it should take 4-6 weeks I think.

But thats my opinion.

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Well like I said, if you want it, you should try it. If you have tried everything else. Try going to bed early. Your body needs rest. Like I said go to bed around 9, 930pm and awake within 6-7pm or so. Atleast 8 or so hours. I think youll find a difference.

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hey, the other day i was talking to my aunt and cousin about acne they asked whether i used apple cinder vinegar. i said yes and so my aunt said that she could make me a cup of apple cinder vinegar for me to drink. yippee!!

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