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Why are doctors still prescriping accutane?

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Do i have a certain misconception but are Non abaltive lasers much safer and have a much higher success rate? and i mean if insurance pays for pills it should pay for the laser, and if not. Its not that expensive comparison to accutane pills?

Im assuming doctors have no idea about non abaltive lasers cuz i talked to my dermatologist she's never heard of it.

I hate people to suffer from side effects from accutane.

I wouldnt be hear today if this type of technology was offered 4 years ago. Its up to people to use it. right?


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Probably about 98% of the dermatologists out there do not offer the non-ablative lasers and will continue to offer traditional acne treatments since the laser treatment is still rather rare. I mean, do you really think a derm who doesn't do laser treatments for acne is going to refer to one that does!?

I'm guessing that these lasers cost a mini fortune and a dermatologist will require a special license and training in order to use it. Let's face it, most derms don't go home after 8 hours of seeing acne at the office and look into the latest advancements in acne treatment. I think turning on a ball game and opening a nice cold one takes precedence! :D/

I've heard lots of promising things about these lasers and it very well could lead to, if not the elimination, then another great option in treating acne. However, like all cutting edge advancements, it takes time before it will be accepted and only the richest doctors and patients will be able to afford it at first. But this very well could be the future....

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