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Okay so as a few of you may know, I am 22 with mild acne, moderate on chin. Anyway recently it was getting a lot better, I actually didn't touch my concealer for a week which for me is unheard of. Anyway in the last week or so I have a horrible, painful, cystic break out on my chin. It just makes you feel so shit! I was steaming my face (a boring, annoying pasttime as I am sure a lot of you know) and I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw my face and I just felt so TIRED of it all, all I want is clear skin, even just surface spots would be ok, but why these huge, agonizing, ugly cysts? I am so sick of acne and so sick of it holding me back in my life!

Grr.. just needed to vent I guess

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i know what you mean, sometimes i just feel like giving up

look i am almos clear, i get a few pimples like once in i while, my acne used to be really bad, but i controled it whith a medicine called Oratane, i think that it is similar tu accutane

anyways, i eventually get my breakouts, right now i have one, but i feel that this will never end, it doesnt matter if i get clear skin, eventually i will break out and feel like shit, like i do right now

sometimes i find no point in fighting this, all we can do is wait for it to end, but till then

feel miserable i guess, even tho i dont feel like this most of the time, when i get my breakouts i do, just stay home and avoid everything, wich really sucks cuz i love partying and getting wasted...lol

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