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The following text is from the above link. Is this saline injection treatment for real? has anyone here tried this before?

I went this Monday for my consoltation. DR. Sire explained the procedure, and he said the procedure works well on indented scars like mine, the kind of scarring that looks like someone pushed the skin in with a fingertip.I decided to get the procedure done that day.I was very pleased with the results.One of these saline injections did more to improve my scarring than 12 microdermabrasion treatments.The microdermabrasion treatments did not do anything that was noticable for my scarring.The cost for the day was $164.00.The cost included the office visit which was just over a $100.00 and the injection wich was $50.00 plus the tax. Each time you go for a injection you pay for the office vist as well as the saline injection.The first initial office visit is $100.00 but after that the office visits are $60.00 plus the $50.00 for the injections.So the first visit and treatment is $164.00 then the rest of the visits and treatments come out to be $110.00 each time you go.It takes between 5 and 6 treatments so I will end up paying between 6 and 7 hundred dollars.This is alot cheaper that the $1400.00 I spent on the microdermabrasion treatments that did not really do anything for me.The $50.00 treatments include one saline filled surringe(I doubt I spelled that right)which can be injected in different areas on the face up to 20 injections.It is not 50 dollars per injection,but 50 dollars per saline filled surringe.I was only injected in my temple areas.It was a little painful but not unbearable.They offer a cream that numbs the face but save your money and suck up the pain, it's not that bad.The whole procedure took about 5 minute.After the ares that were treated look like you broke out in hives.This lasts for about a couple of hours.When I finally got home and looked at my face I was pretty happy at what I saw.The bumps whent down and my temple ares on both sides were completely flat I could not even see the scarring.This only lasts for another couple of hours before the skin goes back down but it was cool to see no scars even if it was just for awhile.Whaen the skin goes back down the scarring is less deep than before.I noticed about a 15% improvement, and there was one very shallow scar on my forhead thet is completely flat now, but that one was very shallow.I was told that the temple areas were the hardest to treat but the cheeks respond very well to these treatments.I didn't get my cheeks done yet only my temple areas.Well, I hoped that helped.I know this was long but there is probally things I left out,so if anyone has any questions just ask.

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