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What would be appropriate for me.....

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Im 20 years old and get some minor acne on my forehead area but i dont need any sort of surgery there because there really is no marks/or scars. My main problem is my cheeks, i dont have at all severe or even moderate scarring. I would say minor scarring- no deep identations or holes just slight uneveness throughout. I havent had considerable active acne on my face for a good 3 years, i get the pimple here and there once a while but nothing severe at all.

My chin area has some more pronounced scarring but again not severe- more developed scarring and again havent had active acne for good 4-5 years.

It weird my acne was worst at 13-15, then around 15-16 it settled down without meds.

The problem now is i have red marks( not purple, which are usually known for bad scarring) scattered throughout my cheeks that are very bothersome since its looks like i have broken out recently, which isnt true.

WHat kind of facial sugery would be recommended for me. Will they even do surgery on me since im only 20 years old. I know they are strict about not operating when active acne is still present but like i said its been a good 3-4 years since then, now is all the markings left from those years...

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