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Itchy skin on accutane...

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I'm 3 and half months into accutane it's working great....but in the last few weeks i've gottan REALLY itchy skin, at one point I couldn't even stand it hardly...and now it's just like prickles under my skin every few seconds in different places. Mostly my arms and legs, so I was wondering if anyone had any advice. I can't call my doc cause I haev to make an appt to ask him anything (how lame is that) and my monthly appt is in 2 weeks anyway.... I've been trying to put on lotion more than usual, any other ideas? thanks!

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Call your nearest health food store and ask for Egyptian Magic. It should be in the skin care/cosmetic aisle. This stuff is great for dry itchy flakey skin. This is great stuff, all natural, nourishing, calming, and stays on! I found that straight aloe sometimes worked, and sometimes didn't. But E.M. always works.

My derm told me that very hot water (hot showers and hot tubs) will really aggrivate your skin and worsen the dryness while on Accutane. Rich nourishing moisturizers are necessary every single day and sometimes several times a day. Moisturize arms, legs and face immediately after your morning shower, then again at night.

I've had occasional rashes and scaly skin patches, off and on, since I started Accutane. Usually they are not itchy for me but that's probably because of the moisturizing I do.

Good luck.

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First, take a benadryl. See if the itching stops. If it returns after the effects of the benadryl have worn off, its possible you've developed an allergy to accutane which is *very* serious business.

I also experienced a lot of itchy skin. Try using a really good lotion, I suggest something from the Vaseline Creamy line. Its cheap, won't clog pores, and works really well.

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