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hey everyone whats up...i've been suffering with acne for about 7 years now...there have been times when i've been clear and times when my acne has been really bad, and its been back and forth now all these years...Currently, my acne is not that bad but I still have it along with a lot of scars that won't go away cry.gif ...I'm about to graduate college this summer and I should be excited about it, but as always, my acne is getting in the way of my happiness...I am totally stressed out and worried about going out on job interviews -- I feel that my acne is going to put me at a disadvantage to some extent...I know this isn't all just in my head because I have read about studies that prove that attractiveness DOES play a factor in whether people get hired or not...So basically what this means is that if I (acne person) interview for a certain position, and someone else (perfect clear skin person) also applies for that position with similar qualifications...guess who's going to get the job? eusa_think.gif I don't think this is always the case but it definately seems like it could happen and this totally worries me...Has anyone ever felt this way -- that your acne was the reason you didn't get hired somewhere after going on an interview? (Oh and I'm not talking about any jobs like modeling just regular office jobs where looks shouldn't matter). Or if it wasn't your acne directly, do you think your lack of confidence showed through and that was the reason you didn't get the job? I know I have a hard time talking to people up close, especially when I feel like they are just staring at every single flaw on my face...it's so hard for me to feel confident when I feel that other people are getting disgusted looking at my skin up close...Sorry if this is a long and boring post..just needed to get out all the worries that are messin with my head neutral.gif

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I have also been worried about this, i had problems finding a job partly because i have no motivation and partly because of my lack in confidence. I once went for a job in a restaurant and i'm sure they turned me down there because of my acne. I mean who would want someone with acne working with food right? Despite the fact i wouldn't have actually been making the food. Not to mention that it wouldn't look good, kind of like eat the food we make here and you'll look like this. Now i might have got it wrong and it could be that my acne didn't have anything to do with me not getting the job but it has always stuck in my mind as the main reason especially seeing as they were still offering jobs way after i applied. I'm now working part time somewhere else and i hate it. It involves being around people all day and seeing as being with people is the main thing i can't do it really isn't good! Anyway sorry i couldn't offer you reassurance that your acne will never get in the way of you getting a job but at least i'm letting you know you aren't alone feeling like this. I think it depends on what job you are going for and what it requires. I mean if you have the experience and the qualifications for a serious job you really want then keep going for it because nobody can say you aren't good enough just because of your acne if you really fit the job. You just need to get together all the tiny pieces of confidence you might have and be as determined as you can be. Good luck.

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Guest Marino

When looking for part time work I wandered if I was turned down coz of my acne or due to the fact my self esteem was down at the time coz of acne.

Either way acne causes it mad.gif

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people are not that stupid to let acne affect whether you get a job or not.

Mehtinks attitude is important, if you are confident and as able as anybody else then you got just a good chance as anyone, providing you odn't have a third eyeball or something like that.

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I know wat u mean. i went for an interview yesterday, i tried to cover it up as much as i could but i had a hugeeeeee whitehead on my cheek it was gross,and i just started using BP and my face was like paper,dry as anything! it sucked bigtime.

and the bitch hasn't rang any of my refrences like she said she would, so i guess she hated me sad.gifsad.gif

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^ Why on earth are you using 10% BP?

Anyways, I agree with Polkadots.

Unless your applying to be a tailor or something in some fancy high class model-like banana-republic suit and clothing store then you have nothing to worry about as far as them not wanting to hire you. Yes, some people/employers are ruthless and that's just the truth. But if you let your acne distract you or discourage while on your interview, they will see that, and it may not even be seen by your acne but obviously like Polkadots said, your attitude, the way you carry yourself, your confidence, and so forth. You must block out your acne when applying for jobs and taking interviews because putting food on the table and paying bills is much more important than worrying over your skin.

"I almost wasted 4 years of college because shortly after I graduated I was too afraid to get a job right on the spot because of my acne"

Come on now. I know what it's like to suffer, but I've never let it control my life to a point where it put my financial status in the gutter.

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There is only one answer to this. Im afraid for many of you older people this isnt an option, but for anyone under the age of 19 this is great!!!!!!!!!!!

BE A SWIM INSTRUCTOR AND LIFEGAURD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People you dont understand how great htis job is. I get paid about 15 bucks canadian an hour for standing aorund looking at the pool when there are like 5 people in it.

And instructing? My god not only is it fun but SIMPLE. You have a lesson plan already set up for you, and a sheet that explains everything for your level. You get paid a shit load per hour for doign nothing. Every session (9 weeks for us) you get a raise.

Here are some pros and cons about being an instructor/lifegaurd


1) Much higher than minimum wage

2) You only have to be 16 (think about it, a 16vyear old makign more than minimum wage)

3)You get to meet people your age

4) You get to have fun with kids while u teach them

5) If you do a good job than you get to meet the parents who thank you. If they are rich (many cases for me) they usualyl give you their card for their business. Business connections are extrmeely imporant.

6) You have a 1 million dollar insurance form teh government (in canada)

7) Here the great part... IT HELPS ACNE. The pool water always leaves my face soft after going inot the pool and than showering.

8) If you work at an outdoor pool you can easily get tanned

9) Lifegaurds in the part time job world is equal to doctors in the real world. It gives you status.

10) You can always take courses and upgrade your teachign levels to teach more advanced courses and easily make 25-30 bucks and hours. NLS which is a lifegaurding course takes a long time to do. Each class is aout 7 hours. Thats 7x30 wihc is 210. You will make 210 dollars in oen day.

11) I cant stress how easy this job is.

12) You learn lifesaving skills that can one day be very beneficial. One day your child may be bleeding to death, if you took a lifegaurd coure you would know exactly what to do.

13) Because the number of lifegaurds and swim instructors are decreasing, they need ANYONE they can find. So it doesnt matter if you have acne ornot. Tonnes of my co-workers have acne. Its perfetly fine.

Now the cons

1) You have a responsibility over teh children you teach and gaurd.

2) Depending on ur schedule, your hours may be loing, but you always choose to be part time instead of full time.

3) The worst part about being a swim instructor/lifegaurd is the process. It takes a long time to get ur certifications.

These classes are about 3 hours long. You have a class every week for 9 weeks.

Bronze star

Bronze medallion

So thast about 54 hours overall.

Than ther eis brozne cross which prepares u for the harder stuff. I dont knwo how long it takes exactly.

Now the hardest thing is NLS and instructors. THe first course is for lifegaurding and the seocnd is to become an instructor.

Each lesson is 7-9 hours long, once a week, for 9 weeks. AFter that your done.

4) Another bad thing are the examinations. For bronze cross if you fail you have to just do jthe exam again. For NLS if you fail teh exam than you fail the ENTIRE COURSE and you have to do it all again. I only had to do it once.

I know it looks scary but if its done maybe twice s year it goes by very quickly.

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i've always wondered this too. especially while hunting for part-time jobs. but on the other hand, lots of really fat people get hired, if you can consider being really fat as unattractive as acne. & lots of people who are ugly get hired or who have humongous birthmarks on their face. i think you just really need a good attitude when going in for a job interview, be happy & really talkative & smile a lot.

also, career-wise, i really don't think acne matters. career-orientated businesses will want you for your brain & experiences & what you can provide for them, not whether or not you have acne.

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Thanks for all your feedback guys smile.gif ..it does help a lot to know I'm not the only one whose ever worried about this...and I think you guys are right -I need to suck it up and stop letting my acne make me feel inferior to other people...Confidence is key and if I show that in my interviews than I'm sure my acne won't make that big of a difference in whether I get the job.

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I relate to this worry. I have had times when I was REALLY - REALLY - nervous about job interviews because of my acne.

But in the end, paying rent and having food on the table always wins out over being insecure. There is no one else to pay my bills, so I just had to get out there and find a job, reguardless of how I felt.

That may be the trick to life entirely - just doing what needs to be done no matter what.

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It was quite encouring to read these post. I too am terribly afraid of going on job interviews because of my acne. I have a part time job right now but I need to be looking at getting an internship b/c I only have one year left in school. I keep telling myself that as soon as I have a good week without too much acne, I will start applying for interns. That week hasn't come yet lol. What kind of work does everyone do here? I work at the school library part-time..in the back office smile.gif I don't have to come in contact with too many people so that's why I've been here for 3 years...far tooo long!!

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My job is one of the few things I have confidence in to be honest.

I have had two jobs in the last year since leaving uni.... i only went to three interviews.

I remember before one interview, the first one i was successful in, catching my face in the mirrror as i walked by and i was gutted..... however, what you MUST do is make a conscience decision to for that half an hour, forget it- make sure you look them in the eye, be confident for half an hour. Earning a few quid, for me, was a vehicle i needed to help stop the depression associated with bad skin. I would always lack confidence, self esteem, but at least i wouldn't be sitting around unemployed all day thinking about it, and probably making things worse skin wise. Now, on a daily basis, in my new, more secure and better job, i visit different people every day to help them with technical issues, and sure its hard, i don't look people in the eye much etc, but i do a good job and i just long for the day things improve.

Look them in the eye regardless, and be confident in what you're saying cos what you know or what you are capable of has nothing to do with what you look like!

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Being fat seems more acceptable than acne though. When you want to order a whopper, people are going to be looking at your face, not your fat rolls. Plus, 50% of the US is overweight, so business owners have to be acceptable.

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Depends on how much stress a person likes, Animal.

Or on how well they deal with the pain of other human beings. I do not handle other's pain very well, therefore, a lifeguard job might indeed be preferable to a doctor's position for me.

One might say being President is an admirable job. I, on the other hand, would not want the stress of that job for the world.

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this thread hits home perfectly. I finished uni mid 2004 but have felt unable to enter the worforce and hence am still at home with the olds. It's the fact that i look like I look 16 when im 22... acne and lack of facial hair gives me the appearance of the steriotypical "pimply teenager". Nobody can fail to notice just how out of place I look. I feel bloody self concious and my confidence is zero. My parents are sick of me hanging around but somehow still believe the bullshit i drop about just being too lazy and not sure what i want to do as a job/career. Like another poster ive been telling myself that as soon as i hit a streak of clear skin ill be out there in a flash.. but im still waiting. I did a two week stint in an office shortly after my course and by some fluke was practically clear the entire time. Came away thinking that was easy, time to get myself a job and begin my like as an adult. Well a week later i was lookin like the "pimply teenager" again and have been floating aimlessly ever since.

was good to write this down..

<-- mentally soft

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I woulsnt worry too much, I had a horrible breakout for my nterview at a grocery store and the first couple days of work and nobody seemed to care. Just relax, worying about it will make the acne worse and make you seem less like a person they'd want to hire.

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If you have someone you can stay home with until you get clear - that's great.

But for me, NOT having anyone to stay home with (basically tossed on my ass at 18 as soon as the state stopped giving money to my foster mother!)....forced me out there, forced me to get a job, to hold my own.

Turned out to be a really good thing - taught me to just get the hell out there and do what I need to do.

Because that is LIFE - the landlord doesn't give a good godamn if you are having a terrible breakout - she just wants her money. And I have to give it to her if I want to stay there. The cashier at the register at the grocery store doesn't give a good goddamn if I'm having a breakout - she just wants her money. And I have to give it to her if I want to purchase food to eat.

That sort of thing.

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When hiring someone, an employer will look at two things A) your personality B) your ability to do the job. These two things are EQUALLY important. They do not mark you down because of your skin or count the number of zits you have.

The only time your skin will affect your chances of getting a job will be if your skin affects your personality to such an extent that you are not deemed to have suitable social skills.

If you wait around for your skin to clear up, you may not wait weeks, you may wait YEARS. Life is not meant to be easy, life is difficult, life is inherantly chaotic and not smooth running. Get off your ass, stop whinging and go and get a job...train your mind and your body will follow.

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