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philly #1

Does insurance cover scar removal if you see a

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Now im completely unknowledgeable in this area but for starters under certain circumstances insurance does not cover acne scar removal via plastic surgery( laser treatment), right???

But one important question to ask since it seems that there are many members of these boards who have suffered mental disorders(depression, generalized anxiety, obsessive complusive disorder) and claim it all started when acne started, if you go to a psychologist for mental problems and you and your doctor definitly comprehend the the root of the problem as when acne occured thus the scarring, its one assumption that if the marks were removed via surgery the problem would go away as well... Now since mental assistance ( therapy and medicine) is covered under insurance would scar removal if was the reason for the abnormalities of the brain be covered under insurance as well?

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There is no one answer to your post. Each insurance co. has their own rules about what they will and won't cover. Therefore, you will have to state what insurance co. you are referring to, and then hope that someone here has used them for your stated reasons.

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Most insurance does not cover scar treatments as they are deemed "purely cosmetic." If you can find a doctor who will write a letter and justify it as "medically neccessary" then perhaps they might cover it. But probably not.

To find out for sure, call your insurance provider.

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I figured they dont cover scar treatments. As many on these boards, i have had some mental problems and all arrised when i started suffering acne. I just figured maybe if you could convince insurance comp. that the acne scars are effecting your mental well being maybe they would consider...

I would think the first step in having any chance at recovering some sort of insurance coverage is to see a certified MD ( psychologist). If you have at least a professional backing you up, the the case looks strong. As of know, i have never seen a shrink and havent suffered severe mental problems, i am just very self concious of my face, that's all and if the scars/spots were removed, i really believe my confidence would return as well..

I function, go to school, have a job... So the only motivation in seeing a shrink would the be for insurance relief for the surgery.

I could understand if they dont cover it completely but even partly would be nice!

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of course they don't .. That would cost way too much cuz so many people have scarring. If a girl with superficial scar like one little icepick wants dermabrasion or something and she says it's mentally a problem for her then it would cost the insurance thousands and thousands of dollars for this kind of crap. And could anyone prove here wrong when she is saying it is mentally a big problem to her, no no one can. And if so this would happen, people with superficial scars would fix their scars completely and have very nice skin and people like us with more and deeper scarring would still have uneven skin because it's very hard to erase moderate to severe scarring a complete 100 % .

So we would complain again, and the circle is round again. So it's no use anyways..

The grass is always greener on the other side! And this won't change.

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Animegirle has had several dermabrasion done by her insurance company,you could ask her how she was able to get scar treatment done by an insurance company.

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The answer varies depending on your insurance company. My insurance does not cover "cosmetic" surgery, regardless. It only covers things that are "medically necessary".

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