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I JUST FOUND THE PERFECT REGIMEN...well at least my MOM did! I am 13 and my name is karean..i have mild breakouts everynow and then..i also have BIG pores across my forehead with pimple scars or something..i dunno I HAD no idea what to do with them untill my mom taught me to steam my face. If anyone have been to a like a steam room u would noe that ur face would like SWEAT alot..well thats good..let me show you a quick EASy simple way to steam..AT HOME IN YOUR OWN ROOM OR ANYWHERE ELSE*giggles* I just love sharing acne regimen! (you can start throwing all those useless chemicals that you put on your face and so called *miracle workers* out the window!) .. this may not be a *scientific* investment..but it is for me!

(this may take a while to read and when i wrote the steps it may not be as simple but when u do it..it really is.)

+make sure you read everything carefully+

this steaming facial is for you if..

1. you have oily skin

2. you have dry skin

3. you have Big pores

4. you have Small pores

5. you have Big pimples

6. you have Small pimples

7. you have SCARS

8. If you want to minimze your pores

9. If you want to have fast results

10. IF you want to soft beautiful skin

*its good to remove Blackheads as well*


1. Plastice shallow bowl thats a little bigger than your face

2. A towl *a big one*

3. KOsher salt (or any salt is good as well)

4. Head Band

5. Clean towl *for face*


1. Put in about 2 hand fulls of salt in the bowl

2. Boil some tap water

3. While the water is boiling..wash your face with COLD water (iuno why..dont as me it just happens that its COLD water)

4. If your a girl ..get the headband and get all your hair outa your face


5. The water would probably be done boiling by now pour the water in the bowl half ways enough so that the salt will dissolve.

6. When the salt dissolved get ready to have the STEAM OF YOUR LIFE!

7. Face your face down so that it is only 4 inches higher than the water itself

8. When you feel the steam coming up put the towl over your head so that no steam can escape

9. Steam for 10-30 mins

10. DONT open the towl untill you reach at least 10 mins!

What to do After steaming:

1. Wipe all your sweat out

2. Make sure you wash your face after..this is the best time to wash your face, all your pores have opened up to be killed.

3. You can continue to steam for another 10 mins if you feel comfortable and the water was still as hot.

Results: (Some of these results will last for couple days)

1. Your pores will open

2. The salt will disinfect your pores + pimples

3. Most of your white pimples will pop

4. If you have excessive oily skin it will be gone! *this is GREAT*

5. All the oil in your face will be gone! *its a miracle!*


1. iF you have any trouble breathing in HOT AIR..open the towl half way so you can breathe occasionally..but the results wont work as well

2. MAKE sure you wipe out ALL the sweat with a CLEAN TOWL

3. Its okay if you feel stuffy.. or your whole face feels like burning..the salt is working in your skin

LASTLY.. I <3 you MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-- Do this ONLY 3-5 times a week..over steaming will dry out your face and can cause more breakouts *now this is something acne products wont tell you*

*If you have dry skin..i have a regimen for that too..if you want ..just post..*


If you have any questions or comments please post..and tell me how it works. (=

//+; listening tew Lifehouse_you and me (acoustic)

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This exactly why i turn the "red" knob all the way in the shower, u gotta open those pores, then just use basic soap and u don't have to worry about using stupid acne medications that don't work. O soap clogs ur pores? wow clogs ur pores with soap that kills bacteria....it won't do n e thing to ur skin.

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Soap only dries out your skin..thats what i have experienced even though it cleans your face i dont see why not it wont clean your pores but i dont think itll work AS well than your face cleanser.. /=

HAS ANYONE TRIED THE FACIAL STEAM YET??? Come back and post if u have!!

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lol..did u wash it over with some normal face cleanser?? It makes it easier to remove the dirt and and dead skin cells. >.<

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rafe you dont have to steam the second time, but the first steam you can try to make last longer...like 15-or 20 minutes. everything else is right

steaming really does work! i love it. biggrin.gif

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I did this for the first time last night, and the steam felt great! But my neck started hurting after a few minutes. I guess next time I'll have to have the bowl higher so that I don't have to bend down so far.

I have a quick question. Do y'all think it is ok to do "delna's method" (from the red marks forum) right after I do the steam? What I mean is doing the steam every Monday-Wednesday-Friday night, and then right after washing with a natural cleanser, and then doing the baking soda and acv. The rest of the week, I was just going to do the baking soda and acv.

Reply with your thoughts about this or if you don't understand what I mean.

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Uhmm i m actually kinda new here and i dont use any kinda method like "delna's" so im not reallyl sure..sorry..Uhmm heres this thing you guys, YOU CAN SIT DOWN WHILE STEAMING.. lol like put it on ur kitchen table or something and just sit down..haha.

IM glad ya'll like it! I hope it continues to work after a few nights!

hEERES another exception..you can steam again NOT after you wash your face with a normal cleanser but you can continue steaming for another 10 mins or so..or continue on as long as you want just dont really overdo it . It all depends on your type of skin..really.

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Hi Karean!

I'm sorry - I simply wanted to clarify something. I'm sorry if I did not understand before.

Was just wondering whether we had to wash our faces first (for women - to remove make-up) before the steam. From my understanding, it is good to wash after the steam, but I don't know what to do before and am afraid of overwashing.

Your post was great and well displayed.

Thank you, eusa_angel.gif

Li B.

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Thanks a lot for sharing. Just tried it and those nastly little black spots on my nose started disapearring. Thanks again!

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Oh i totally left out those with makeup ! Sure wash off your makeup with a soft bar soap or face cleasner or something to get rid of the makeup..and then steam, and ull be suprised on how much dirt and makeup thats left on the skin. Wash again with a normal cleasner..the point of facial steaming is to open the pores and disinfect them along with softening your skin..making it vulnerable to the cleasner.. biggrin.gif

NP you guys! Just keep on posting to tell me how it works! =)

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I just finished doing the facial steam. My face feels really good. I found a way to breathe with the towel over the bowl/my head... I just used a straw!

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well I tried it and I must say im quite surprised. It felt great steaming my face, and my skin's really soft too... But i'm not sure the oilyness will stay away, and if it really helps combat my acne...

well, nevertheless, it's a great sensation to your skin, so why not do it once in a while, right? wink.gif

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true true..yeah facial steaming is for more like mild to moderate acne type of skin and it reduces the pimples from spreading. It does feel great to the skin and removes a lot of dirt and oil. Duudeee the more you sweat under that towel its like releasing all the sweat that needs to be removed all these times. haha

HEY i could do that.. the ' straw idea ' haha biggrin.gif

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They make steamers for your face thats like 20 bucks and its got the cone and everything with it its awesome im gonna buy one tomorrow

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just a quick question, can you use epsom salt as well? and is it ok if you do a mask afterwards? ive been doing the egg white mask and was wondering if i could use it after steaming...

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Guest Marino

I had bad experiances with steaming my face in 2002. My mom had a facial steamer, i used it for just over 15 minutes [no salt] and my cysts totally swelled up and became almost black. It took them over a month to finally fall off and they left wonderful red marks behind.

I'm not putting this method down but just watch out if you have big cysts, they can be very sensitive and I think maybe 4 inches is a bit close, but thats just my opinoin. Again my skin is probably very different to everyone elses so whatever works for you is fine with me eusa_angel.gif

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When doing treatments, estheticians always include steaming as an important step. The procedure opens the pores to release impurities. Also, after steaming, you only need to rinse your face with clear water....there's no need to use a cleanser.

After steaming/rinsing, the pores will be open to receiving the beneficial ingredients of whatever you apply next. Estheticians usally follow up with a masque. If you use an absorbing masque (kaolin clay etc.) additional impurities and oils will be drawn out.

BTW I have a professional type clothing steamer and find it very efficient for facial steaming. I've always steamed with plain water with decent results.

The bottom line: just be consistent with the steaming and you'll see some degree of improvement.

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no..you dont! Use any temp of water you like and works best for you..maybe a little bit warmer than cold cold water so your face can get use to the cold a bit. =)

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