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ok, so i my forehead is covered in pimples, whitheads blackheads and a lot of grease,, i tried antibiotics and akamin which didnt do anything,,

anyway i now have got 10%benz. the question is

DO U PUT A LOT ON< THEN LEAVE IT OVER NIGHT, or do you wait for it to absorb then wash it????????

gotta know, cos i have been using it for a week(leaving it on all night) and my skin isnt even drying out, still oily as hell..

help would be very appreciatted .

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You leave it on overnight. You are supposed to have it on all day too. Also, you should be using 2.5% BP, not 10%.

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just to get it straight,, you put enough on ,so that it is clearly visible,, white i mean(like paint lol)

cos i read some other posts saying that you dont just leave it on, then scrub in the morning???????

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tricksta, you need to go and reread the instructions at www.acne.org - just go to the non-commercial regimen section. Briefly, it's like this:

wash your face.

wait 15 minutes

apply BP & gently rub it in till it's absorbed, i.e. invisible (start with a small amount & gradually increase)

wait 5-15 minutes

apply moisturiser (optional at night)

do this twice a day. In between, don't wash your face, don't touch your face, just leave it alone and let the BP work. The instructions are all on the website and Dan has even made a video showing you what to do. Follow his instructions exactly - don't improvise till you're clear.

OK? O:)

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