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didnt know where to put this but... (pics included)

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i currently use no products on my face, just wash it twice a day with water, i shave at least once every two days, otherwise i`ll get lots of facial hair, i have had acne for around a year now i am 17, tried lots of topicals, oral medication from the doc etc and nothing worked, i dont really have a set diet but i drink lots of water and eat plenty of fruit

i dont beleive in using products anymore i have lostall faith but can anyone recomend anything to do to help get rid of this please, because it is starting to hit me emotionally

i also exfoilate twice a week and steam my fav around 3 times a week

thanks in advance


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I couldn't see your pictures for some reason.. but anyway not sure how severe your acne is but I have to tell you that the BP regimen DID work for me. I have had acne FOR YEARS (I am 29) and awful severe cystic acne; so bad that it hurt just to touch my face let alone wash it. I started the regimen and went through the crappy dry skin phase, the red burning skin phase, and another bad breakout, but then... CLEAR SKIN. It has been about 3 months since I started it, less than that even, and my skin is now clear save the odd spot I get now and then. But NOTHING like what I have suffered for years. I am now working on the marks left behind but that's nothing compared to a face full of cysts under your skin.

I also had tried tetracycline, doxycycline and other topicals, even BP (but not to the extent I used it on this regimen). It might not work for you but it did for me. TRY IT and GIVE IT TIME to work. You have to stick with it, no acne treatment works overnight. I am sorry this is affecting you emotionally, we all know how you feel. But the feeling of having clear skin is maybe about 1-2 months away...

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Guest fatman_uk

Yup, do the regimen.

An also, the fruit... stay away from bananas, they always give me problems. ](*,)


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